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33z Racing announces VanderBuilt Race Cars

33z Racing announces VanderBuilt Race Cars

The 2017 racing season introduces a new chapter for 33z Racing with the birth of VanderBuilt Race Cars from dirt modified standout Zack VanderBeek.

“Eighteen years behind the wheel have lead me though some amazing accomplishments and relationships in our community,” VanderBeek said. “As I looked ahead to my future, I realized my passion for this sport goes beyond being behind the wheel of the 33z.

“We felt the next step in this evolution was to make the leap into chassis production. This is something we have discussed and calculated for years, and the time is now.”

Headquartered in New Sharon, Iowa, VanderBuilt Race Cars will encompass all types of dirt modifieds.

VanderBeek, along with lead fabricator J.D. Gresham, will direct design and build state-of-the-art race cars.

“J.D. brings the experience and attention to detail I have always demanded and desired from my racecars,” VanderBeek added. “He will help us take our cars to the next level.”

Having the desire to make the move from customer to manufacturer has many challenges that need to be overcome—from organization to funding the challenges are significant.

“Above all, in our minds, was talent,” VanderBeek said. “Talent seems like the obvious answer, and in many ways it is. However, obtaining that talent is another story. When we met J.D. Gresham and had the opportunity to see his passion and skill set we knew it was time to go all in.”

Gresham’s story is like many in the racing world. Passion forged in the grandstands at a local track that finds oneself behind the wheel and pressing forward through many transitions.

Gresham worked his way to the top, finding himself as lead fabricator at NASCAR’s highest level.

“We feel incredibly fortunate to have J.D. on board to realize our vision. In more ways than one, J.D. will be a significant part of putting it all together.”

VanderBuilt Chassis #1 is currently being assembled and will be rolling out for its first laps during the USMTS Winter Speedweeks opener, Feb. 8-11, at the Cotton Bowl Speedway in Paige, Texas.

“We are excited to share all of the things that will set a VanderBuilt Race Car apart from the competition. Innovative design, exceptional attention to detail and cutting-edge materials lead the conversation. We feel customer service is paramount in our vision.

“Many people in this business enjoy the satisfaction that comes with helping others develop and find greater success. I hope to share in this for many years to come.”

More information about VanderBuilt Race Cars will be forthcoming. See you in victory lane!

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