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Pittman outduels Dominacki at Butler County for first-ever USMTS win

ALLISON, IA (June 2, 1999) - Kevin Pittman (Waterloo, IA) started the race from the 4th row outside and jumped into the lead on the sixth lap from AFCO pole sitter Kelly Shryock (Story City, IA). Pittman seemed to have the race well under control running the bottom of the racetrack.

Bruce Hanford (Davenport, IA) running his first USMTS race of the season was also having a very impressive run as he took second away from Shryock on the eventh circuit. Hanford ended up with an impressive third place finish.

The man on the move was Bob Dominacki (Bettendorf, IA) running right at the top of the speedway clipping the wall on several occasions. Dominacki inherited the second spot from Hanford on lap 13 passing coming out of turn 2 on the high side. Dominacki then set his sights on Pittman and leading the race for the first time on lap 17 coming out of turn 4.

The rest of the race was some of the most exciting side by side racing seen this year. Dominacki ended up leading eight laps total laps of the last 13 including the white flag. Going into turn 2 Dominacki hit the wall just enough to loosen up his nerf bar which ended up going under the rearend for the last turn giving Pittman the win. Pittman took home the $2,000 paycheck for the win. Shryock ended the race in the fifth position.

USMTS point leader Mark Noble had some problems early in the race and went to the pit on lap six. A very strong field of fifty cars was on hand with a very good crowd to see the racing action on this great night. The racetrack was a little rough as Allison, Iowa, received 2" of rain on Tuesday night and the sun did not come out until 1pm on Wednesday. The USMTS will be back at the Butler County Speedway on August 18 part of Super Modified Week.

Heat race winners were Pittman, Hanford, Shryock, Tim Donlinger (Rochester, MN), and Steve Droste (Cedar Falls, IA). B-main winners were Ron Jones (Zimmerman, MN) and Brad Dubil (Bettendorf, IA).



Heat Race #1: 1.Kevin Pittman 2.Steve Wettstein 3.Dan Chapman 4.Russ Olson 5.Ron Jones 6.Steve Kosiski 7.John Logue 8.Chuck Stanton 9.Ron Stalley 10.John Wood

Heat Race #2: 1.Bruce Hanford 2.Ron Barker 3.Doug Hillson 4.Brad Dubil 5.Jack Mitchell 6.Todd Suhr 7.Charlie Mckenna 8.Tommy Meyer 9.Pat Graham

Heat Race #3: 1.Kelly Shryock 2.Mark Noble 3.Corey Dripps 4.Ryan Dolan 5.Darrin Thye 6.Rich Smith 7.Mark Dotson 8.Scott Bauer 9.Tim McBride

Heat Race #4: 1.Tim Dollinger 2.Vern Jackson 3.Todd Ihde 4.Marty Thompson 5.Jeremy Mills 6.Todd Schaufenbuel 7.Keith Schmidt 8.Luke Cochran 9.John Anderson 10.Aaron Larson

Heat Race #5: 1.Steve Droste 2.Red Munson 3.Kevin Cale 4.Bob Dominacki 5.Jon Vandenberg 6.Bob Schultz 7.Ed Thomas 8.Kevin Stoa 9.Kevin Peters

B-Main #1: 1.Ron Jones 2.Dan Chapman 3.Todd Ihde 4.Jeremy Mills 5.Charlie McKenna 6.Tommy Meyer 7.Ed Thomas 8.Kevin Peters 9.Jon Vandenberg 10.Luke Cochran 11.Pat Graham 12.Todd Schaufenbuel 13.Keith Schmidt 14.Darrin Thye 15.Red Munson 16.Russ Olson 17.John Anderson

B-Main #2: 1.Brad Dubil 2.Marty Thompson 3.Kevin Cale 4.Jack Mitchell 5.Rich Smith 6.Tim Mcbride 7.Chuck Stanton 8.Mark Dotson 9.Scott Bauer 10.Todd Suhr 11.Ron Stalley 12.John Logue 13.Bob Schultz 14.Ryan Dolan 15.Steve Kosiski 16.Kevin Stoa 17.Troy Cordes

Central Iowa Classic 30: (starting position in parenthesis)< I> 1.Kevin Pittman(8) 2.Bob Dominacki(6) 3.Bruce Hanford(5) 4.Dan Chapman(15) 5.Kelly Shryock(1) 6.Tim Dollinger(3) 7.Marty Thompson(16) 8.Jeremy Mills(19) 9.Tommy Meyer(23) 10.Jack Mitchell(20) 11.Doug Hillson(9) 12.Todd Ihde(17) 13.Jon Anderson(24) 14.Kevin Cale(18) 15.Steve Droste(2) 16.Steve Wettstien(10) 17.Charlie McKenna(21) 18.Mark Noble(7) 19.Rich Smith(22) 20.Ron Jones(13) 21.Vern Jackson(12) 22.Corey Dripps(4) 23.Ron Barker(11) 24.Brad Dubil(14)

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