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Jones victorious in USMTS special at Quincy Raceways

By Brent Rosencrans

QUINCY, IL (September 3, 1999) - Friday September 3rd kicked off the Illinois Summer Spectacular with the United States Modified Touring Series making their first ever stop at the Quincy Raceways. A strong field of modifieds from six states took part in the event with four different states represented in the top four. Along with the touring series, the B modifieds and bombers made up the undercard in the tour's first ever stop at the Quincy (IL) quarter-mile.

Series point leader Ron Jones (Zimmerman, MN) stretched out his lead over Kelly Shryock(Story City, IA) by taking advantage of a second row starting spot to quickly jump out in front. Jones was challenged early on by several top runners but was able to stretch out his lead while tour regulars and weekly competitors fought behind him. A few early cautions helped the race stay close but by lap fifteen, Jones had a commanding lead. Meanwhile, Gary Wilson (Bowling Green, MO) was working his way through the top runners, using the high side to help him run down Jones. A mid-race caution placed Wilson and track point champ Sam Burgtorf (Quincy, IL) on Jones' back bumper with Wilson hanging with the series gun for several laps. Jones eventually pulled out to a straightaway lead, putting lapped traffic between himself and Wilson. He then survived a late race caution with three laps to go when top five runner Vance Wilson (Bowling Green, MO) spun, bringing out the final caution of the event. Gary Wilson held on for second with Burgtorf, John VanDenBerg (Oskaloosa, IA), and Shryock rounding out the top five. Heat race winners were Burgtorf, Kevin Peters (Monmouth, IL), Bruce Hanford (Davenport, IA), and John Anderson (Omaha, NE). Shryock and VanDenBerg took top honors in the two B mains.

Johnny Baker jumped out to the early lead in the B modified main event, while track point champ Greg Uppinghouse and runner-up Bob Dale fought their way through the pack. Dale and Uppinghouse were swapping positions back and fourth when Uppinghouse got into a tangle with Joe Bliven. When the yellow came out one lap later, Uppinghouse was stopped and signaled to head to the rear of the field. Instead, a puff of dust came from his #18 machine as he headed through the infield, only to be met on the backstretch with a black flag. With Uppinghouse in the pits, the track quickly opened up for Dale who then cruised to an easy feature win. Bob Ellis piloted his way into the second spot with Bill Vantiger working from his seventh row starting spot to take third. Jerry Poor and Baker rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Uppinghouse and Dusty Bingamin while Kelly Bartz took the checkers first in the B main.

The two bomber drivers from Plainville took heat race wins as Brent Chapman issued the challenge by winning the first heat and point champ Eddie Dieker responded in the second set. After 1998 track champ Bill Genenbacher took home the trophy dash, the stage was set for the 20 lap main event. Dieker had little trouble working his way into the top three and before long found himself trying to run down Genenbacher in the main event. A few cautions kept the race close but Dieker still cruised to yet another double checkers at QR. Genenbacher held off Dale Hatfield for second. Chapman completed the strong night for the Plainville duo with a fourth place run while Larry Powell represented Missouri in the top five, finishing fifth.



FIRST HEAT: 1. Sam Burgtorf, Quincy 2. Gary Blackburn, Fulton, MO 3. Patrick Linn, Little Rock, AR 4. Kelly Shryock, Story City, IA 5. Jason Ludwig, Quincy 6. Danny Lake, New London, MO 7. Denny Woodworth, Mendon

SECOND HEAT: 1. Kevin Peters, Monmouth 2. Gary Wilson, Bowling Green, MO 3. Vance Wilson, Bowling Green, MO 4. Bill Baker, Hannibal, MO 5. Jason Krigbaum, Hannibal, MO 6. Mike Fisher, Macomb 7. Terry Meyers, Quincy

THIRD HEAT: 1. Bruce Hanford, Davenport, IA 2. Ron Jones, Zimmerman, MN 3. Mark Burgtorf, Quincy 4. Mike Delozier, Carthage 5. Tony Fraise, Montrose, IA 6. Tom Long, Payson 7. Mike Karhoff, Quincy

FOURTH HEAT: 1. John Anderson, Omaha, NE 2. Jim Roach, Kahoka, MO 3. Darin Thye, Burlington, IA 4. Eddie Strickland, Galesburg 5. John VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa, IA 6. Brandon Brown, Quincy 7. Steve Grotz, Quincy

FIRST B MAIN: 1. Shryock 2. Fraise 3. Karhoff 4. Baker 5. Fisher 6. Ludwig 7. Long 8. Woodworth

SECOND B MAIN: 1. VanDenBerg 2. Brown 3. Grotz 4. Delozier 5. Krigbaum 6. Lake 7. Stickland 8. Meyers

FEATURE: 1. Jones 2. G. Wilson 3. S. Burgtorf 4. VanDenBerg 5. Shryock 6. Anderson 7. M. Burgtorf 8. Brown 9. Roach 10. Thye 11. V. Wilson 12. Peters 13. Grotz 14. Fraise 15. Delozier 16. Krigbaum 17. Long 18. Baker 19. Hanford 20. Linn 21. Blackburn 22. Karhoff 23. Ludwig 24. Fisher


FIRST HEAT: 1. Greg Uppinghouse, Plainville 2. Virgil Hatfield, Ewing, MO 3. Jim Leffew, Quincy 4. Mike Benjamin, Montrose, IA 5. Johnny Baker, Hannibal, MO 6. Wes Mayfield, Hull 7. Bruce Hatfield, Quincy 8. Bob Ellis, Sutter

SECOND HEAT: 1. Dusty Bingamin, Barry 2. Bob Dale, Gorin, MO 3. Joe Bliven, Quincy 4. Gary Dreyer, Fowler 5. Ryan Meyer, Liberty 6. Bill Vantiger, Yarmouth, IA 7. Lonnie Carter, Quincy 8. Jeff Wilson, Payson 9. Kelly Bartz, Quincy 10. Ted Derhake, Quincy

B MAIN: 1. Bartz 2. Carter 3. Ellis 4. Vantiger 5. Wilson 6. Jerry Poor, Novelty, MO 7. Derhake 8. Mayfield 9. Hatfield

FEATURE: 1. Dale 2. Ellis 3. Vantiger 4. Poor 5. Baker 6. Meyer 7. Benjamin 8. Carter 9. Bartz 10. Mayfield 11. Bliven 12. Bingamin 13. V. Hatfield 14. Dreyer 15. Leffew 16. Wilson 17. Derhake


FIRST HEAT: 1. Brent Chapman, Plainville 2. Chad Allison, Eolia, MO 3. Tony Flowers, Hannibal, MO 4. Pat Dunker, Quincy 5. Larry Powell, Hannibal, MO 6. Rick Coats, La Grange, MO 7. Jeff Kindhart, Mendon

SECOND HEAT: 1. Eddie Dieker, Plainville 2. Eddie Sutton, Quincy 3. Bill Genenbacher, Camp Point 4. Dale Hatfield, Quincy 5. Kelly Bockenfeld, Quincy 6. Jerry Bown

TROPHY DASH: 1. Genenbacher 2. Dieker 3. Sutton 4. Flowers 5. Chapman 6. Allison

FEATURE: 1. Dieker 2. Genenbacher 3. Hatfield 4. Chapman 5. Powell 6. Allison 7. Sutton 8. Coats 9. Flowers 10. Bown 11. Kindhart 12. Bockenfeld 13. Tim Warning, Quincy 14. Dunker

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