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Shryock, Wagoner take Fall Jamboree openers

WEBSTER CITY, IA (October 7, 1999) - Thursday's results from the Fall Jamboree at the Hamilton County Speedway:



1. Kelly Shryock

2. Mike Smith

3. Steve Kosiski

4. Jason Hughes

5. Corey Dripps

6. Mike Spaulding

7. Ray Guss Jr.

8. Chad Lyle

9. Tim Donlinger

10. Kevin Pittman

11. Willy Kraft

12. Russ Olson

13. Jay Ihrke

14. John Anderson

15. Dan Bohr

16. Steve Wetzstein

17. Johnny Saathoff

18. Jack Byers

19. Dustin Vis

20. Bill Crimmins



1. Jason Wagoner

2. Mark Elliott

3. Reid Keller

4. Jeff Anderson

5. Todd Foster

6. Denny Stoneburner

7. Scott Blomeke

8. Bert McDaniel

9. Craig Gray

10. Ron VerBeek

11. Kelly Tapper

12. Scott Bauer

13. Ken Tietz

14. Larry Silbaugh

15. Brian Blessington

16. Dave Cirksena

17. Darin Madsen

18. Brian Tank

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