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Noble leads start to finish for USMTS win at Peoria

PEORIA, IL (Aug. 3, 2000) — The United States Modified Touring Series held three races in Illinois for the Illinois Summer Swing. The first night of racing action was Wednesday night, Aug. 2, at the 150th Knox County Fair in Knoxville, IL. The next night the series moved to the Peoria Speedway in Peoria, IL. The final night of racing was held at Quincy Raceway in Quincy, IL. This was the first visit of the 2000 season to the Illinois area for the USMTS and the racing and weather was all excellent. The A-main winner each night was paid $2,000 to win.

On Thursday, Aug. 3, the series moved to the Peoria Speedway and series regular Mark Noble picked up his second feature win of the season in the USMTS. Noble started the race from the AFCO pole and led all forty laps enroute to his second win.

The race started with series point leader Kelly Shryock on the outside of Noble and Bob Dominacki and Mike Chasteen in the second row. Dominacki started out chasing Noble for the first five laps before Shryock took the low line and worked his way into second.

Shryock would race the next 35 laps in that position getting challenged from Corey Dripps on laps 24-31 before Dripps jumped the cushion in turns three and four coming out in sixth place the same place that Dripps would finish.

Dominacki’s car went away at the end of the race and he finished seventh.

The Olympic Fire Protection Hard Charger of the race was Mike Spaulding as he started the race eleventh and finished fourth. Mike Chasteen racing in his hometown finished the race third.

Forty-four cars checked in for the racing action and a good crowd witnessed modified racing at its best. Six caution flags marred the racing action. Heat races were won by Dominacki, Erik Bruce, Shryock, Chasteen, Noble. B-mains were won by Kevin Peters and Rich Smith. Midwest Motorsports Rookie of the Year Leader after this race is Kevin Peters.

This is the third race in the last two weeks when the power plant to the top two drivers was from Midwest Motorsports. Series point leader after this race will still be the Harris modified of Kelly Shryock.


Heat 1 - Bob Dominacki, Jason Veloz, Jason Connoyer, Jerry Durbin, Leland Bushong

Heat 2 - Erik Bruce, Rodney Bowman, Mike Spaulding, Rich Smith, Kevin Peters

Heat 3 - Kelly Shryock, Jeff Maher, Gary Cook, Donovan Lodge, Rick Haley

Heat 4 - Mike Chasteen, Gary Cook Sr., Charles Hanna, Dan Daniels, Vance Wilson

Heat 5 - Mark Noble, Bruce Hanford, Tom Goble, Corey Dripps, Mike Delozier

B-main 1 - Rich Smith, Jason Connoyer, Charles Hanna, Marty Thompson, Donovan Lodge

B-main 2 - Kevin Peters, Corey Dripps, Dan Daniels, John VanDenBerg, Gary Cook

A-main - Mark Noble, Kelly Shryock, Mike Chasteen, Mike Spaulding, Rodney Bowman, Corey Dripps, Bob Dominacki, Rich Smith, John VanDenBerg, Donovan Lodge, Tom Goble, Jason Veloz, Gary Cook, Jason Connoyer, Dan Daniels, Kevin Peters, Marty Thompson, Charles Hanna, Jeff Maher, Tommy Myer, Gary Cook Sr. Bruce Hanford, Erik Bruce.

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