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Kraft, Aikey, Dripps, Elliott, McCollough, Weig big winners at Fall Jamboree

WEBSTER CITY, Iowa (Oct. 7, 2001) - Willy Kraft Lakefield, MN became the third different modified winner in the 3rd Annual Fall Jamboree at the Hamilton County Speedway in Webster City, IA. In a race that seemed as if it was a one lane track there was plenty of passing going on throughout the race. Tim Donlinger Rochester, MN started the race from the sixth row and worked his way up to second before breaking something in the rear end on lap 39 of the forty lap race. Donlinger, Bruce Hanford, and Kraft had a very good battle going on for the top spot. On lap 23 Hanford slipped up in turns 1-2 when both Kraft and Donlinger got by the Harris Modified.

Kraft would inherit the lead and look as if he would walk away with the win. Bruce Hanford had other things on his mind as he would mount a huge charge at the end of the race and get beat by a nose at the line to Kraft. Rounding out the top five was Hanford, Dripps, Mark Noble, and Tommy Myer. Myer was another racer who started the race from the sixth row and worked his way to the front. At the end of the race Kraft did say we were very lucky that this race ended at lap forty as we had no tire left and probably couldn’t have gone two more laps. Hanford who started the race from the pole lead most of the laps and had his biggest payday racing a modified with a runner-up finish. A very strong field of seventy-six modifieds checked in for the racing action at the speedway. A long day of racing on Saturday as Thursday nights races were rained out and rescheduled for Saturday at noon. Racing at noon on Saturday really took its toll on the racing surface and the track was to hard to do anything with at the end of that session. We did try several different things trying to get a good racing surface, but by the end of the night drivers were stuck to the bottom of the speedway and really had to work for position.

In the Late Model division Jeff Aikey showed that he is a very tough competitor at the Hamilton County Speedway winning all three visits to the track in 2001. Aikey who won the dash on Friday night started the race from the pole and led all thirty laps enroute to the $4000 win on Saturday night. Thirty-two late models checked in for the racing in the first ever jamboree for the late model class. A very tight battle for 2nd through fifth as Mike Smith, Darrell Defrance, and Jason Friesen tried everything they could to make the racetrack come to them. Rounding out the top five was Darrell Defrance, Jason Friesen, Tommy Elston, and Mike Smith.

The stock car division seen the local stock car star Mark Elliott from Webster City pick up his second straight fall jamboree win starting the race from the pole postion. Elliott’s work was not cut out as he had some very tough competitors knocking on his back door. A very strong Ron Ver Beek Oskaloosa, IA challenged Elliott several times as did Scott Bauer from Riceville, IA. At the end it was Elliott by a nose over Bauer. Rounding out the top five was Ver Beek, Todd Foster, and Kevin Bidne. After post tech on the stock car class Scott Bauer and Kevin Bidne was both disqualified for roller rockers.

One of the most exciting races of the evening was the IMCA type modified race. Corey Dripps used the top of the speedway and passed Webster City regular Scott Olson with five laps to go and cruised onto the victory and picked up the $2000 paycheck. This race was ran after the hobby stock feature race and there was two lanes of racing going on as Olson worked the low line and Dripps the high line. These drivers would race side by side for five laps before a lap car took Olson’s line and Dripps would pull away. Dripps would pick up the $2000 paycheck for the win. Rounding out the top five was Kevin Stoa, Jeremy Mills, and Duane Van Deest.

The hobby stock feature saw Doug McCollough pick up his first ever jamboree win as he took the lead on lap two when polesitter Jeff Zehr motor expired on lap one. McCollough would lead all twenty laps enroute to the win. All drivers used the top of the track in this class and nobody wanted to pull out of line thinking they would lose a spot. For the win McCollough would pick up the $1200 paycheck. Rounding out the top five in the hobby stocks Todd Wilson, James Ringham, Mark Haglund, and Randy Embrey.

The econo stocks took to the track Joe Paullin and and Nathan Weig started the race from the front row. Weig jumped out into the lead that he would never give up. This was the first ever jamboree win for Weig who picked up the $500 paycheck. Rounding out the top five was Brandon Ratcliff, Jason Vansickle, Joe Paullin, and Terry Buenting.

All in all this was another great jamboree with more than 250 cars in the pit area and 8000 people in the Webster City area over the five days. We look forward to the Fourth Annual Fall Jamboree in Webster City sometime next fall.



Feature - Nathan Weig, Brandon Ratcliff, Jason Vansickle, Joe Paullin, Terry Buenting, Lance Deal, Ryan Wilson, Chris Weeb, Jeremy Ades, Ahren Craven, Brandon Toftee, Matt Byrne, Justin Ades, Jeff Deal, Ryan Caquelin, A.J. Lagenwalter, Kevin Sturm.


Feature - Doug McCollough, Todd Wilson. James Ringham, Mark Haglund, Randy Embrey, Shane Monson, Dan Hanselman, Jerry Dixon, James Brower, Rodger Caquelin, Ron Stein, Jason Minnehan, Dan Feltus, Tory Riecks, Gerald Gatewood, Rodney Slagle, Jim Nelson, Brian Stein, Troy Worthen, Kit Hovey, Damon Adams, Ryan Nelson, Jeff Zehr.


Feature - Mark Elliott, Denny Stoneburner, Todd Foster, Ron Ver Beek, Darin Adamy, Mike Nichols, Kevin Opheim, Rick Campbell, Troy Grove, Bill Hildreth, Brian Blessington, Al Johnson, Doug Adamy, Todd Wendl, Lavern Carey, Jim Mitchell, Dutin Vis, Cale Sponsler, Tom McKenzie, Scott Bloemke, Craig Gray, Clint Wendl.


Feature - Corey Dripps, Scott Olson, Kevin Stoa, Jeremy Mills, Duane VanDeest, Greg Peck, Dean Mahlstadt, Rick Gustin, Adam Larson, Darin Duffy, John Vandenberg, Joe McBirnie, Mark Elliott, Bruce Hanford, Al Hejna, Dwayne Pihulak, Denny Stoneburner, Donnie Bown, Curt Badker, George Gilliland, Charlie McKenna, Richie Gustin, Russ Dickerson, Jason Friesen.


Feature - Jeff Aikey, Darrell Defrance, Jason Friesen, Tommy Elston, Mike Smith, Ryan Griffith, Gary Russell, Brent Slocum, Craig Jacobs, Todd Cooney, Kelly Tapper, Jason Hahne, Steve Borts, Mark Burgtorf, JJ Scott, Kevin Pittman, Jeff Garrett, Mike Wiarda, Rob Toland, Chris Smyser, Todd Johnson, Sam Halstead, Clae Sponsler, Gary Pederson.


Non-Qualifier #1 - Jay Ihrke, Kevin Peters, Gary Blackburn, Russ Olson, Robert Wilson, Kevin Stoa, Mike Sorensen, Darin Duffy, Denny Stoneburner, Greg Elliott, David Grigg, Scott Williams, Martin Bennett, Brad McEwan, Scott Olson, Todd Ihde, Stacey Mills, Todd Sharkey, Mike Smith, Curt Badker, Mark Elliott, Tim Folkerts.

Feature - Willy Kraft, Bruce Hanford, Corey Dripps, Mark Noble, Tommy Myer, Dan Daniels, Doug Hillson, Greg Peck, John Vandenberg, Rick Gustin, Jeremy Mills, Dan Chapman, Steve Holzkamper, Johnny Bone, Todd Klees, Tim Donlinger, Rick Hixson, Al Hejna, Kelly Shryock, Jeff Aikey, Jaosn Hughes, Kevin Pittman, Joe McBirnie, Adam Larson.

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