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Noble nabs USMTS checkers at Spoon River

CANTON, Ill. (April 20, 2002) - Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN who finished second on Friday took the top spot and led all 40 laps enroute to the $4,000 USMTS Hoosier A-main win. Noble started the race from the front row outside beside polesitter Jim Hibser.

At the start of the race Noble took the top spot from Hibser and the racing was close and very tight early in the race. Hibser had mechanical troubles early in the race and was the first car off the track on lap three. Noble would get some serious threats from fellow Blooming Prairie, MN driver Tommy Myer.

At the start of the race Noble would take the top spot followed by Hibser faded to fifth by lap two and pulled off the speedway on the next lap. Shrock was working on Noble with Myer and Kevin Weaver running third and fourth. Myer would move past Shryock on lap seven and would put pressure on Noble for the remainder of the race. Weaver would work his way past Shryock on lap 23 with a hard charging Mike Chasteen, Dan Daniels, and Klint Pursley coming up through the pack.

By lap 30 Chasteen had moved up to fifth after starting 16 th. Dan Daniels Humboldt, KS started 17th and was running sixth on lap thirty.

A late yellow on lap thirty-seven would give all drivers one last chance as the field would be bunched up for the last three laps. Chasteen would use the last yellow to his advantage as he would get past Shryock and Weaver and settle for a third place finish his best of the season.

Weaver would settle for a fourth while Daniels also worked his way past Shryock. Mike Spaulding who started the race 26 th time the last restart perfect and past three cars at the start and finished ninth after starting 26 th. Other drivers having impressive runs were drivers making the first appearance of the season with the USMTS.

Kevin Peters had a seventh place and Tim Donlinger finished tenth.

Tommy Myer has made the USMTS south region point standings a little closer and will trail Shryock by eighteen points going into next weekends Kansas Spring Classic at the Humboldt Speedway on Thursday and Friday April 25-26. The weather was the big difference on Saturday after temperatures in the 80’s on Friday the weather didn’t warm up past sixty on Saturday, but fans were treated to some very exciting racing action.

Fifty-five cars checked in on Saturday and a good crowd witnessed the racing action. Winning heat races Tim Donlinger, Luke Cochran, Joey Kates, Chris Spieker, and Rick Hixson. B-mains were won by Chris Spieker, Mike Chasteen, and Dan Daniels.

The next race for the USMTS will be Humboldt Speedway this Thursday and Friday April 25-26 for a $3000 to win two-day show. A complete show will be run each night for the modifieds. The A-main qualifier will pay $500 to win on Thursday night. For more information call the USMTS office at 515-832-7944.


Heat 1 - Tim Donlinger, Dean McGee, Wes O’Dell, Butch Weisser, Aaron Elgin

Heat 2 - Luke Cochran, Mike Chasteen, Eric Bruce, Klint Pursley, Bill Anderson

Heat 3 - Joey Kates, JD Beal, Dan Daniels, Kyle Logue, Dale Munson

Heat 4 - Chris Spieker, Terry Lawson, Dennis Laviene, Steve Grotz, Greg Gilmore

Heat 5 - Rick Hixson, Mark Anderson, Jeff Leka, Rodney Bowman, Rick Haley

B-main 1 - Chris Spieker, Rodney Bowman, Mike Spaulding, Terry Lawson, Greg Gilmore

B-main 2 - Mike Chasteen, Klint Pursley, Steve Grotz, Steve Holzkamper, Jeff Leka

B-main 3 - Dan Daniels, Bobby Allen, JD Beal, Milo Veloz, Phil Schnarr

Hoosier A-main - 1) Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN, (2), 2) Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN (4), 3) Mike Chasteen Creve Coeur, IL (16), 4) Kevin Weaver Gibson City, IL, (7), 5) Dan Daniels Humboldt, KS, (17), 6) Kelly Shryock Lemars, IA, (3), 7) Kevin Peters Monmouth, IL, (5), 8) Klint Pursley Locust Grove, OK, (19), 9) Mike Spaulding Bemidji, MN, (26), 10) Tim Donlinger Rochester, MN, (14), 11) Steve Holzkamper Gentry, AR, (21), 12) Luke Cochran Omaha, NE, (11), 13) Joey Kates Kansas City, KS (12), 14) Rick Hixson Orion, IL, (9), 15) Mark Anderson Canton, IL (13), 16) Jeff Lebaube High Ridge, MO, (6), 17) Phil Johns Canton, IL, (8), 18) Chris Spieker Massena, IA, (15), 19) Rodney Bowman Industry, IL, (18), 20) Bill Yeast Galesburg, IL, (25), 21) Farrel Skelton Alvord, TX, (22), 22) Dean McGee Galesburg, IL, (10), 23) Dale Munson Fairview, IL, (24), 24) Phil Schnarr Canton, IL, (23), 25) Bobby Allen Bartonville, IL, (20), 26) Jim Hibser Peoria, IL, (1).

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