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Jim Hibser Takes USMTS A-Main Qualifier at Spoon River Speedway in Canton, IL

CANTON, Ill. (April 19, 2002) - Jim Hibser Peoria, IL picked up the A-main qualifier on Friday April 19th after taking the lead on lap nine after Tim Donlinger Rochester, MN and Kevin Weaver Gibson City, IL touched sending Donlinger around and bringing out the caution. Weaver was penalized with Donlinger and both cars went to the tail. Weaver worked the high side and came back with a seventh place finish. Tim Donlinger started the race from the AFCO pole and led the first nine laps.

Donlinger and Hibser raced side by side for the first five lap beofore Donlinger was pulling away.

On the move was Kevin Weaver running the high side after winning the third B-main. Weaver started the race thirteenth. Another hard charger was Mark Noble who started the race from the tenth row outside raced side by side with Hibser the last eight laps finished a strong second. Kelly Shryock started twelfth and had a flat tire late in the race and went to the tail and came all the way back for a third place finish. Rounding out the top eight was Tommy Myer, Kevin Peters, Jeff LeBaube, Kevin Weaver, Phils Johns. Heat race winners were Donlinger, Dennis Laviene, Phil Johns, Hibser, Kevin Peters. B-main winners were Butch Weisser, Shryock, and Weaver. Fifty cars checked in for the racing action tonight.

Racing will get underway at with hot laps at 6pm and racing at 6:30. More cars are expected for the racing action tomorrow.

Next race after this weekend will be Humboldt, KS. For more information call Todd Staley at 515-832-7944.


Heat 1- Tim Donlinger, Bruce Hanford, Luke Cochran, Steve Holzkamper, Mark Noble

Heat 2- Dennis Laviene, Jeff LeBaube, Brian Lynn, Wes O’Dell, Chris Spierker

Heat 3- Phils Johns, Bret Frieden, Kevin Weaver, Tommy Myer, Dale Munson

Heat 4- Jim Hibser, Joey Kates, Bryan Collins, Butch Weisser, JD Beal

Heat 5- Kevin Peters, Dan Daniels, Steve Grotz, Greg Gilmore, Rodney Bowman

B-main 1- Butch Weisser, Mark Anderson, Gary Cook Jr, Dan Daniels, Rick Haley

B-main 2- Kelly Shryock, Tommy Myer, Greg Gilmore, Terry Lawson, JD Beal

B-main 3- Kevin Weaver, Dale Munson, Steve Holzkamper, Bobby Allen, Mike Spaulding

A-main- 1) Jim Hibser Peoria, IL, (3), 2) Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN, (20), 3) Kelly Shryock LeMars, IA (12), 4) Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN (15), 5) Kevin Peters Monmouth, IL (2), 6) Jeff LeBaube High Ridge, MO (8), 7) Kevin Weaver Gibson City, IL, (13), 8) Phil Johns Canton, IL, (7), 9) Joey Kates Kansas City, KS, (10), 10) Dan Daniels Humboldt, KS, (17), 11) Steve Grotz Quincy, IL, (6), 12) Steve Holzkamper Gentry, AR, (18), 13) Dale Munson Fairview, IL (16), 14) Dennis Laviene Burlington, IA (5), Mark Anderson Canton, IL, (14), 16) Tim Donlinger Rochester, MN (1), 17) Butch Weisser Peoria, IL, (11), 18) Mike Chasteen Creve Coeur, IL (21), 19) Bret Freiden Walford, IA, (9), 20) Bryan Collins Elsberry, MO, (4), 21) Luke Cochran Omaha, NE, (19)

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