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Shryock wins USMTS A-Main qualifier at Humboldt Speedway

by Todd Staley

HUMBOLDT,Kan. (April 25, 2002) - The United States Modified Touring Series kicked off the final race for the month of April at the Humboldt Speedway in Humboldt, KS Thursday and Friday April 25-26. The weather was great when the racing got started, but clouds moved in and dropped rain after all the heat races were run on Thursday night. Winning heat races were Steve Holzkamper, Johnny Bone, Jason Hughes, Kelly Shryock, and Tommy Myer. By virtue of the most passing points Jason Hughes would start the A-main qualifier from the inside front row. Hughes who dominated Humboldt Speedway last season winning two of the three events. Kelly Shryock finished second in passing points with Tommy Myer third. Rounding out the top ten in passing points was Holzkamper, Bone, Mike Folk, Mark Noble, John Allen, Randy Zimmerman, and Scott Drake. The B-mains and A-main qualifier will be run on Friday before the rest of the Friday show.

Race Results

Heat 1- Steve Holzkamper, John Allen, Luke Cochran, Mike Chasteen, Justin Ungeheuer

Heat 2- Johnny Bone, Randy Zimmerman, Jess Folk Jr., Joey Kates, Andy Tennison

Heat 3- Jason Hughes, Scott Drake, Mike Folk, Ryan Ruter, Adam Larson

Heat 4- Kelly Shryock, Justin Folk, Rick Michael, Klint Pursley, Skeet Amason

Heat 5- Tommy Myer, Tim Weaver, Mark Noble, Gary Vaughan, Dennis Bishop

Kelly Shryock jumped out into the early lead and led all twenty laps for the A-main qualifier with Jason Hughes running second. Shryock would pull away from the field and not look back. Winning the qualifier would give Shryock the front row inside for Friday’s A-main $3000 to win race. Rounding out the top eight cars to be locked into the A-main was Holzkamper, Bone, Noble, Zimmerman, Myer and Chasteen who would pass Scott Drake coming out of turn four for the final transfer spot. Winning B-mains was Jess Folk Jr. and Tim Weaver

B-main 1- Jess Folk Jr., Mike Chasteen, Justin Boney, Justin Folk, Skeet Amason

B-main 2- Tim Weaver, Jerry Hoffman, Rick Michael, Klint Pursley, Andy Tennison

A-main Qualifier- 1) Kelly Shryock (2), 2) Jason Hughes (1), 3) Steve Holzkamper (4), 4) Johnny Bone Jr. (5), 5) Mark Noble (7), 6) Randy Zimmerman (9), 7) Tommy Myer (3), 8) Mike Chasteen (13), 9) Scott Drake (10), 10) Jerry Hoffman (14), 11) Jess Folk Jr. (11), 12) Dan Daniels (17), 13) John Allen (8), 14) Justin Boney (15), 15) Tim Weaver (12), 16) Klint Pursley (18), 17) Rick Michael (16), 18) Mike Folk (6).

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