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Donlinger’s good fortune nets first USMTS win of 2002

SLAYTON, Minn. (May 24, 2002) - Tim Donlinger Rochester, MN needed a little good fortune to capture his first USMTS win of the season in north region action on Friday May 24 th.

Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN started the race from the front row outside and led the first thirty-seven laps before breaking a ball joint under a yellow flag leading the race.

Myer would finish 12 th.

Olympic Hard Charger of the race was Mike Spaulding who started in the ninth row finished third.

Local driver Shawn Reed ran fourth with Slayton, MN driver finishing fifth. The fifty lap race took its toll on drivers as eleven drivers are all that finished the race of the twenty-four that started. A very good crowd witnessed the first north region race of the season and the first night of three nights. USMTS national point leader Kelly Shryock Lemars, IA had a tough night and finished 19 th after fuel problems. Heat races were won by Joey Kates, Steve Holzkamper, Tim Donlinger, Kevin Peters.

B-mains were won by Mark Noble and Scott Tofte. Racing action will continue on Saturday with the first ever USMTS race at Deer Creek Speedway in Racine, MN on Saturday May 25 th.


Heat 1- Joey Kates, Adam Larson, Tommy Myer, Scott Tofte, Mark Noble

Heat 2- Steve Holzkamaper, Jason Hughes, Shawn Reed, Luke Cochran, Rick Schau

Heat 3- Tim Donlinger, Dan Daniels, Randy Zimmerman, Jason Krohn, Todd Klees

Heat 4- Kevin Peters, Johnny Bone, Kelly Shryock, Josh Reisch, Chad Muecke

B-main 1- Mark Noble, Jason Krohn, Mike Spaulding, Todd Klees, Chris Prussman

B-main 2- Scott Tofte, Josh Reisch, Chad Muecke, Jim Richert, Jay Ireton

A-main- Tim Donlinger, Jason Hughes, Mike Spaulding, Shawn Reed, Jason Krohn, Dan Daniels, Todd Klees, Adam Larson, Joey Kates, Kevin Peters, Randy Zimmerman, Tommy Myer, Steve Holzkamper, Chad Muecke, Josh Reisch, Johnny Bone, Phil Dixon, Jim Richert, Kelly Shryock, Mark Noble, Rick Scau, Scott Tofte, Luke Cochran, Chris Prussman.

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