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Boyce wins USMTS Roughrider opener

MINOT, N.D. (June 7, 2002) - Joren Boyce of Minot, N.D., drew the pole postion and led all 25 laps in the first night of racing action at the USMTS 7th Annual Fisher Motors Roughrider Classic in Minot, N.D.

Boyce held back some very stiff competition as another local favorite Hank Berry tried for the pass entering turn 1 of the last lap. Mike Chasteen Creve Coeur, IL who drove all night to get here after motor troubles in Belleville, KS took third after starting eighth. Rounding out the top five was Jon Tesch and Johnny Bone. Forty-seven cars checked in for the racing action. Heat race winners were Jon Tesch, Mike Chasteen, Les Duellman, Joren Boyce, and Tommy Myer. B-mains were won by Kelly Shryock and Mike Spaulding. Racing will continue on Saturday night with hot laps at 5:30 and racing at 6pm.


Heat 1 - Jon Tesch, Mike Hagen, Allen Kent, Dean Mahlstadt, Drew Christianson.

Heat 2 - Mike Chasteen, Shawn Strand, Leo Burkhardsmier, Trent Johnson, Troy Kittler.

Heat 3 - Les Duellman, Todd Klees, Johnny Bone, Mike Spaulding, Colin Cook.

Heat 4 - Joren Boyce, Robert Hellebust, Kelly Shryock, Wayne Johnson, Steve Pfeifer.

Heat 5 - Tommy Myer, Mark Noble, Hank Berry, Jason Hughes, Ben Seidler.

B-main 1 - Kelly Shryock, Robert Hellebust, Dean Mahlstadt, Wayne Johnson, Marlyn Seidler.

B-main 2 - Mike Spaulding, Justin Boney, Allen Kent, Trent Johnson, Mark Dahl.

A-main - Joren Boyce, Hank Berry, Mike Chasteen, Jon Tesch, Johnny Bone, Tommy Myer, Justin Boney, Mike Spaulding, Dan Daniels, Shawn Strand, Todd Klees, Mark Noble, Jason Hughes, Les Duellman, Ben Seidler, Wayne Johnson, Kelly Shryock, Mike Hagen, Allen Kent, Trent Johnson, Dean Mahlstadt, Steve Pfeifer, Robert Hellebust, Leo Burkhardsmeir.

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