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Follmer tops topless USMTS Main

NEW RICHMOND Wis. (July 20, 2002) - After some early showers, the sky cleared, and the afternoon became a perfect evening for racing. It was the 6th Annual Badger State Championship with the USMTS Modifieds in attendance, as well as WISSOTA Late Models, Super Stocks, and Street Stocks.

The first feature event of the evening was the WISSOTA Super Stocks which found Kelly Anderson and Mike Weber sharing row one. Mike Weber would grab the early lead followed by Tim Borgeson, Kelly Anderson, and Chuckie DeSmith.

DeSmith took over the third position on lap two, and the first caution also came on lap two when Borgeson spun around with a flat left rear tire while running in the fourth position. When racing resumed DeSmith immediatly put pressure on Anderson for second, and on lap three would gain the second position. Dale Gangl was also on the move and was next in line to challenge Anderson.

The next caution waved when Brent Mueller spun in turns one and two on lap six. After the restart Cory Davis and Dale Gangl engaged in a battle for the fourth position, while DeSmith continued to chase Weber.

Third place runner Kelly Anderson would bring out the next caution on lap ten with a mechanical breakdown, bringing a strong run to an early end. Cory Davis would take over the fourth position on lap 11. DeSmith and Weber were side by side for the lead but Weber was able to hold off the challenge. Greg Nippoldt and Ted Mars battled for the fifth position while Ryan Wiome closed in to make it a three way battle for fifth.

But it would continue to be Weber out front and holding on to pick up the feature win. Rounding out the top five were DeSmith, Gangl, Davis, and Greg Nippoldt.

The USMTS Modifieds were next to take to the track. After out-of-car introductions and a redraw which would invert the top eight drivers, the 24 cars were ready to go green for a 40 lap shootout.

It was Les Duellman grabbing the early lead while defending race champion Kelly Shryock and Todd Stinehart battled for second. Shryock took over second on lap two while Trent Follmer charged into third.

Dave Cain was coming to the front in a hurry after starting eighth and moving into fourth on lap three. The first caution came on lap five when Jon Tesch spun to a stop in turn three. On the restart, Duellman lead followed by Follmer and Shryock and on lap seven Follmer blasted into the lead.

Dave Cain was all over the bumpers of Shryock and Duellman and took over third from Shryock on lap eight. Tim Donlinger was on the move and challenging Stinehart for fifth. By lap 11, Follmer had nearly a straightaway lead over the field, and this would be a common sight for the rest of the event.

The next yellow came on lap 12 with a breakdown for Steve Mueller. After a failed restart the caution would come again, this time when Mike Chamernick and Ryan Ruter got together in turns three and four. When the green flag waved, the yellow would follow shortly after before a lap could be completed once again, when Steve Wetzstein, Joey Kates, Steve Mueller, and Jon Tesch got together in turns three and four. Trouble would continue on the next attempted restart when Bob Timm and Kevin Viebrock made contact on the backstretch bringing an end to Timm's night. Timm made contact with the concrete, and rolled to a stop in turn three unable to continue.

Under green once more, Tim Donlinger picked up a position to move into fourth on lap 13. Ron Schreiner was starting to come alive and moved into fifth on lap 15, moving by Shryock.

The yellow flag waved again on lap 16 when Luke Cochran and Doug Gustafson spun in turns three and four. After one more completed lap the caution waved over the field after Craig Scott made contact with the concrete in turn one.

After the restart, Schreiner went from fourth to second in two laps and Dave Cain tried to reclaim the position, but to no avail. Follmer, by lap 21, had pulled out to a straightaway advantage over Schreiner who was still in second.

The next caution came again on lap 26 when Ryan Ruter spun in turn two. For the restart, it was Follmer, Schreiner, Cain, Duellman, and Donlinger making up the top five. Follmer once again checked out on the field, with the running order staying the same until lap 37, when Duellman lost a left rear wheel while running fourth. This brought the race to a three lap shootout with Schreiner not quite having enough to make a bid for the lead. Follmer took the checkered flag first followed by Schreiner, Cain, Donlinger, and Shryock.

Next up were the WISSOTA Late Models with Duane Mahder and Ashley Anderson sharing the front row. Anderson got the jump on Mahder who fell into second followed by Eric Pember.

Mahder gave chase and looked like he might have enough to make the pass, but after a few laps Anderson began to pull away. Pember was within a few car lengths of Mahder trying to close the gap, but Mahder equally fast and continued to hold a three car length advantage through most of the race.

Anderson looked strong out front and started to encounter lap traffic at lap 16. On lap 18, Chad Cummings took over the fifth position from Porky Brust. Justin Fegers passed Brust for sixth on lap 24, but Brust battled back and moved back to sixth on lap 26.

Mahder started to reel in Anderson in the closing laps, but Anderson held on to score the win, followed by Mahder, Pember, Jon Kurshinsky, and Cummings.

The fourth and final event of the evening was the WISSOTA Street Stock feature. Scott Clark and Rick Hanestad would lead the field to the green and it was Clark with the advantage taking the lead on lap one. Dan Gullikson moved into second followed by Rick Hanestad. Gullikson then looked to the inside of Clark and would take over the top spot on lap two.

Ron Hanestad was also on the move moving into the fourth position from deep in the field on lap five. Rick Hanestad turned the heat up on Clark for second but couldn't complete the pass. The Hanestad brothers then engaged in a battle for third racing side by side for a number of laps.

Chris Erickson and Jim Gullikson raced side by side for fifth with Gullikson winning out to secure the position over Erickson.

Dan Gullikson had a fairly comfortable lead and would hold on to add another victory to his resume. Clark held off Rick Hanestad for second, and Ron Hanestad would finish fourth followed by Jim Gullikson in fifth.

It turned out to be yet another eventful and exciting evening at the Cedar Lake Speedway with racing action continuing on Saturday July 27th with hot laps at 6:00 pm and racing at 6:45 pm. Racing will be held in all four divisions; WISSOTA Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Street Stocks. For more information please call 1-866-CLS-4-FUN, or visit our website at . See you at the races!!!



Feature: Ashley Anderson, Duane Mahder, Eric Pember, Jon Kurshinsky, Chad Cummings, Porky Brust, Justin Fegers, Bob Timm, Wade Field

Heat 1: Mike Nutzmann, Duane Mahder, Tom Nesbitt, Chad Cummings, Tyler Keyser

Heat 2: Eric Pember, Jon Kurshinsky, Porky Brust, Ashley Anderson, Justin Fegers


Feature: Trent Follmer, Ron Schreiner, Dave Cain, Tim Donlinger, Kelly Shryock, Jason Miller, Doug Gustafson, Justin Boney, Dennis Jones, Todd Stinehart

Heat 1: Les Duellman, Todd Stinehart, Daryl Holzmer, Craig Scott, Gary Fraser

Heat 2: Trent Follmer, Dave Cain, Ron Schreiner, Jon Tesch, Justin Boney

Heat 3: Dennis Jones, Tommy Myer, Dave Lear, Joey Kates, Bob Timm

Heat 4: Kelly Shryock, Jason Miller, Tim Donlinger, Steve Mueller, Dennis Krause

B-Feature 1: Kevin Viebrock, Bob Timm, Steve Wetzstein, Joey Kates, Mike Chamernick

B-Feature 2: Eric Pember, Jon Tesch, Justin Boney, Luke Cochran, Ryan Ruter


Feature: Mike Weber, Chuckie DeSmith, Dale Gangl, Cory Davis, Greg Nippoldt, Dan Carlson, Ted Mars, Ryan Wiome, Brandon Jensen, Kevin Ayotte

Heat 1: Ryan Wiome, Mike Weber, Ted Mars, Jeff Martire, Bill Stettner

Heat 2: Greg Nippoldt, Dan Carlson, Mark Chamernick, Dennis Larson, Stuart Blair

Heat 3: Chuckie DeSmith, Cory Davis, Kevin Ayotte, Chris Gorka, Mike Hesselink

Heat 4: Dale Gangl, Tim Borgeson, Kelly Anderson, Brandon Jensen, Ray Meadows

B-Feature: Bruce Tourville, Gary Nippoldt, Tony Gates, Brent Mueller, Dave Emerfoll


Feature: Dan Gullikson, Scott Clark, Rick Hanestad, Ron Hanestad, Jim Gullikson, Chris Peterson, Mark Froehlich, Chris Gullikson, Jason Forehand, Mike Loomis

Heat 1: Jason Forehand, Mike Loomis, Charlie Weber, Rick Hanestad, Chris Peterson

Heat 2: Dan Gullikson, Scott Clark, Jim Gullikson, Mark Froehlich, Mark Thomas

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