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Myer, Shryock, Mother Nature, and Schreiner pick up wins in USMTS North Region action

WORTHINGTON, Minn. (Aug. 18, 2002) - The United States Modified Touring Series northern swing went off with a bang on Tuesday thru Sunday. Chris Spieker picked up the win on Tuesday night. Tuesday story is posted by itself. Wednesday the series moved to the annual Steele County Fair one of the biggest county fairs anywhere.

On Wednesday night Tommy Myer who has been the king of the speedway this season had his Dad pick the lucky frisbee for the starting spot. Frank Myer who has been very lucky this season walked up and picked number 1 giving Tommy the front row starting spot. Dan Bohr from Decorah, IA started outside of Myer. Myer busted out into the early lead and led laps 1-2 before Dan Bohr went by on the high side and led the next ten laps. Myer would fall back to fifth place. Corey Dripps was on the move also running the high side and running second when he went a little high and spun in front of the field. This accident collected last nights winner Chris Spieker, Willy Kraft in a brand new Kraft Kar, and Kevin Stoa. All drivers were retired for the night. On the restart Myer who had worked his way back towards the front would take the top spot with a hard charging Kelly Shryock and Jason Hughes right behind. These three drivers would end the night this way. Fifty cars checked in for the racing action with Wholesale tire being the sponsor for this race. Picking up heat wins was Trent Follmer, Jason Hughes, Willy Kraft, Corey Dripps, and Steve Wetzstein. Picking up B-mains was Jason Krohn and Ron Schreiner.

The series stayed in Owatonna, MN for the second $2000 to win race in as many days. Kelly Shryock who has not been very lucky in racing action at the speedway finally after all these years picked up the winners paycheck holding off a hard charging Tommy Myer. Rick Gustin looked as if he would have thing going his way when after a couple of yellow flags glazed his tires and he would have to settle for a fourth place finish. Shryock would take the point from the front row outside spot and looked to be cruising along until a late hard charge from last nights winner Tommy Myer would catch Shryock. Myer would try three different times to pass Shryock who was running the high line in turns 1-2. A late caution was thrown that would bunch up the field for the last time. Shryock would start the race and catch a couple of driver sleeping. Shryock would jump out to a five-car length lead and Myer would settle for a runner up spot on Thursday. Jason Hughes who has been Mr. Consistent would settle for third again his third in a row. Forty-six cars checked in for the racing action with Corey Dripps, Jim Arnold, Kelly Shryock, Rick Gustin, and Ryan Ruter picking up heat race wins. The B-mains were won by Jason Hughes and Steve Wetzstein.

On Friday the series moved to the pavement for the first ever asphalt nationals at the beautiful Elko Speedway. Practice started at 4pm and racing was scheduled to get underway at 7:30. Twenty-six cars showed up for the practice. Mark Noble looked as if his pavement experience would give him the edge heading into qualifying when he turned the fastest lap in practice. Mother Nature would have a better idea as rain dumped on the speedway at 6:15 and ended the nights racing action. This race was to be rescheduled later this month, but track officials have decided to cancel the race and have another race next season. All people can contact the track for reimbursement on pit passes and tickets.

The final stop of the weekend was Sunday night at the Worthington Speedway in Worthington, MN for the first ever visit to the speedway for the USMTS. This race sponsored by Hoosier Tire saw twenty-nine modifieds take to the track for qualifying for the annual fair race. Ron Schreiner who started the race from the outside front row led all forty laps enroute to his second win of the season. Schreiner who looked as if he would have some competition from a very hard charging Mark Noble. Noble started the race in the sixth row and worked his way to second before spinning in turns 1-2 and shot off the track and re-entered the track on the backstretch around eighth place. Noble would work his way back to second before the right rear spring would fly out of his car and Noble would pull off the track. This would give the second spot to Tommy Myer and third to Justin Boney. Winning heat races was Kelly Shryock, Ron Schreiner, and Tommy Myer. Winning B-mains were Ron Luitjens and Jason Weatherton. The United States Modified Touring Series will continue in the north region Tuesday night August 20th with the Topless 40 for Late Models and Modifieds each paying $2000 to the winner. The series will then move to Denison, IA on Wednesday and Jefferson, SD on Thursday. These races will be the last mid-week races of the season for the series except for the three-day year-end specials. Also running on Tuesday will be Stocks cars $400 to win and Stock Cars and Hobby Stocks on Wednesday. Harris Auto Racing will be the sponsor of Wednesday and Thursdays races while QCI, AEM, Lincoln Savings Bank, Aikey Auto Salvage will all sponsor the topless race at Allison. For more information call the USMTS office at 515-832-7944. Don’t forget the Featherlite/USMTS 4th Annual Fall Jamboree September 19-21 at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, MN.


Owatonna, MN Wednesday

Heat 1- Trent Follmer, Tommy Myer, Kevin Stoa, Doug Hillson, Todd Klees

Heat 2- Jason Hughes, Kelly Shryock, Rick Gustin, Mike Chasteen, Al Hejna

Heat 3- Willy Kraft, Jim Arnold, Tim Donlinger, Chris Speiker, Mark Noble

Heat 4- Corey Dripps, Justin Boney, Jason Krohn, Jeremy Mills, Mike Hernke

Heat 5- Steve Wetzstein, Dan Bohr, Bret Hansen, Mike Bosma, Allen Kent

B-main 1- Jason Krohn, Jim Arnold, Chris Spieker, Rick Gustin, Al Hejna

B-main 2- Ron Schreiner, Mike Chasteen, Johnny Bone, Jeremy Mills, Kenny Gaddis

A-main- Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN, Kelly Shryock Forest City, IA, Jason Hughes Colcord, OK, Ron Schreiner Hudson, WI, Rick Gustin Marshalltown, IA, Steve Wetzstein West Concord, MN, Jason Krohn Slayton, MN, Trent Follmer Elk, River, WI, Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN, Jeremy Mills Des Moines, IA, Johnny Bone Pea Ridge, AR, Bret Hansen Owatonna, MN, Luke Cochran Omaha, NE, Mike Chasteen Creve Coeur, IL, Dan Bohr Decorah, IA, Todd Klees Rochester, MN, Mike Bosma Harris, IA, Jim Arnold Rochester, MN, Corey Dripps Cedar Falls, IA, Willy Kraft Lakefield, MN, Kevin Stoa Polk City, IA, Chris Spieker Massena, IA, Tim Donlinger Rochester, MN, Justin Boney Desota, KS.

Owatonna, MN Thursday

Heat 1- Corey Dripps, Tommy Myer, Denny Barwald, Dan Bohr, Ron Schreiner

Heat 2- Jim Arnold, Trent Follmer, Chad Behne, Steve Wetzstein, Kenny Gaddis

Heat 3- Kelly Shryock, Mark Noble, Al Hejna, Jeremy Mills, Greg Porth

Heat 4- Rick Gustin, Tim Donlinger, Jason Hughes, Nathan Kilwine, Allen Kent

Heat 5- Ryan Ruter, Mike Hejna, Jason Krohn, Johnny Bone, Kevin Stoa

B-main 1- Jason Hughes, Ron Schreiner, Al Hejna, Kevin Stoa, Craig Scott

B-main 2- Steve Wetzstein, Dan Bohr, Chad Behne, Johnny Bone, Doug Hillson

A-main- Kelly Shryock Lemars, IA, Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN, Jason Hughes Colcord, OK, Rick Gustin Marshalltown, IA, Tim Donlinger Rochester, MN, Trent Follmer, Elk River, WI, Mike Hejna Clear Lake, IA, Justin Boney Desota, KS, Ron Schreiner Hudson, WI, Ryan Ruter Kanawha, IA, Johnny Bone Pea Ridge, AR, Dan Bohr Decorah, IA, Jay Ihrke Dover, MN, Jim Arnold Rochester, MN, Chad Behne Claremont, MN, Al Hejna Ventura, IA, Nathan Kilwine Ellendale, MN, Craig Scott Rosemount, MN, Kevin Stoa Polk City, IA, Corey Dripps Cedar Falls, IA, Denny Barwald West Concord, MN, Doug Hillson Blooming Prairie, MN, Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN, Jason Krohn Slayton, MN, Mike Chasteen Creve Coeur, IL, Steve Wetzstein West Concord, MN.

Worthington, MN

Heat 1- Kelly Shryock, Justin Boney, Mike Chasteen, Jesse Drost, Mark Noble

Heat 2- Ron Schreiner, Jason Krohn, Jason Hughes, Greg Porth, Marlin Kracht

Heat 3- Tommy Myer, James Richert, Willy Kraft, Chris Thompson, Jason Weatherton

B-main 1- Ron Luitjens, Marlin Kracht, Kevin Pospisil, Chris Thompson, Josh Reisch

B-main 2- Jason Weatherton, Rich Hesse, Aaron Betz, Jason Briese, Mick Glenn

A-main- Ron Schreiner Hudson, WI, Tommy Myer Blooming Prairie, MN, Justin Boney Desota, KS, Greg Porth Heron Lake, MN, Kelly Shryock Forest City, IA, Ron Luitjens Brewster, MN, Kevin Pospisil Worthington, MN, Richard Hesse Sioux City, IA, Mike Chasteen Creve Coeur, IL, Bob Gierke Westport, MN, Marlin Kracht Lavern, MN, Warren Van Westen Bigelow, MN, Mick Glenn Minnesota City, MN, Mark Noble Blooming Prairie, MN, Jason Briese Cleghorn, IA, Jim Richert Comfrey, MN, Aaron Betz Avoca, MN, Jason Hughes Colcord, OK, Josh Reisch Lavern, MN, Jason Weatheton Beresford, SD, Chris Thompson Tea, SD, Willy Kraft Lakefield, MN, Jesse Drost Worthington, MN, Jason Krohn Slayton, MN.

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