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Second night at Fall Jamboree to Shryock

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. (Sept. 20, 2002) - A field of 160 cars checked into the back gate for night number two including 88 Featherlite/USMTS modifieds, 37 WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds and 35 Super Stocks.

Mother Nature dumped some rain on the track overnight leaving the track very smooth but the track prep crew was not able to get on the track and work it early enough in the day to allow the same conditions as Thursday night. This caused a little stronger dust problem than usual and the track took rubber really early in the night causing a lot less passing during the heat races but the features ran well with some good racing.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were up first for their $600 to win feature and the event found Kenny Wytaske jumping out to the early lead. Behind Wytaske a lot of good two wide battles were being waged as many strong runners started back in the field. Neil Eckhart, Jerry Young ran side by side for most of the early feature with Eckhart gaining the advantage following Wytaske to the checkers. Wytaske took home his ninth feature win of the season.

The super stocks were up next for their $1,000 to win feature. Bill Clemens jumped into the early lead with Mark Wytaske working into the second spot. Kevin Hager and Johnny Erickson ran s/s for the fourth position for two laps until Erickson took over the fourth spot followed closely by Scott Lawrence in fifth. Up front Clemens continued to lead with Wytaske close behind as Erickson moved past Ron Host into the third spot. With two to go it was Clemens with the lead, Wytaske second, Erickson third, Lawrence fourth running nose to tail, coming to the checkers Clemens slipped up slightly with Wytaske on his outside allowing room for Erickson on the inside. Clemens came home with the fender length win over Erickson moving up to second.

The 35 lap $4,000 to win Featherlite/USMTS modified feature was up next with Corey Dripps and Kelly Shryock battling for the lead early on. Ron Schreiner, Bruce Hanford and Mike Spaulding were running in the top five early on. Schreiner was the man on the move working past Dripps for the second spot while farther back in the field there were many good two wide battles. After many charges by Schreiner for the top spot Shryock held on for the top spot and the win.



Heat 1 - Bryan Hernandez, David Dodelinger, Greg Pfeifer, Joe Wernecke, Dan Fagerlind,

Heat 2 - Neil Eckhart, Kenny Wtaske, Larry Nelson, George Mattson, Doug Ferguson

Heat 3 - Jesse Frericks, Harland Morehart, Chad Herman, Mike Bartsch, Harlan Morehart Jr.

Heat 4 - Jerry Young, Nick Kramer, Jade Anderson, Scott Anderson, Tim Siercks

Heat 5 - Steve Mahlerek, Dain Schultz, Mike Lawson, Nolan Bachman, Larry Brengal

B Feature 1 - Albert Wytaske, Chad Herman, Dan Fagerlind, Harlan Morehart Jr., Mike Lawson, Pete Wytaske (top six finishers advanced to the A Feature)

B Feature 2 - George Mattson, Jade Anderson, Scott Phillips, Chuck Chesler, Tim Siercks, Doug Ferguson (top six finishers advanced to the A Feature)

Non-Qualifier Feature - Mike Bartsch, Mike Paulson, Patrick McCarthy, Larry Brengal, Jeremy Laures, Terry Timmerman, Nolan Bachman

Feature - Kenny Wytaske, Neil Eckhart, Jerry Young, Bryan Hernandez, Jesse Frericks, Nick Kramer, Greg Pfeifer, Chuck Chesler, Harlan Morehart Jr., Dan Fagerlind


Heat 1 - Ron Host, Kevin Hager, Matt Durnen, Dan Wendt, Tory Brand

Heat 2 - Kevin Adams, John Remington, Stacy Edgar, Brian Shaw, Chris Klinger

Heat 3 - Bill Clemens, Mark Wytaske, JB Stortz, Adam Stockhausen, Mark Oeltjenbruns

Heat 4 - Scott Lawrence, Johnny Erickson, Jerry Bloom, Rick Franzen, George Batzel

B Feature 1 - Troy Brand, Kelly Anderson, Rick Franzen, Gary Wiersgalla, Cole Queensland, Mark Oeltjenbruns (top six finishers advanced to the A Feature)

B Feature 2 - Stacy Edgar, Chris Klinger, Tyler Rubin, Jon Duffy, Scott Huinker, Dave Haberman (top six finishers advanced to the A Feature)

Non-Qualifier Feature - JB Stortz, Grant McNeilus, Brad Peterson, Bronson Kuhn, Steve Hucovski

Feature - Bill Clemens ($1,000), Johnny Erickson, Mark Wytaske, Scot Lawrence, Ron Host, Kevin Hager, Jerry Bloom, Tyler Rubin, Chris Klinger, Rick Franzen


Heat 1 - Les Duellman, Bobby Sorensen, Jason Miller, Mike Mashal, Jay Ihrke

Heat 2 - Kelly Shryock, Brian Mullen, Bret Frieden, Todd Klees, Allen Kent

Heat 3 - Corey Dripps, Milo Veloz, Tim Donlinger, Donnie Zweifel, Don Kiger

Heat 4 - Mike Chasteen, Doug Hillson, Steve Holzkamper, Bob Timm, Bryan Clendenen

Heat 5 - Bruce Hanford, Todd Ihde, Willy Kraft, Jared Siefert, Tommy Myer

Heat 6 - Ron Schreiner, Mark Noble, Mike Spaulding, Dean Mahlstedt, Jeff Masch

Heat 7 - Justin Boney, Denny Barwald, Kevin Pittman, Skeet Amason, Joey Jensen

Heat 8 - Brad Waits, Mike Sorenson, Dennis Dugan, Gary March, John Vandenberg

B Feature 1 - Todd Klees, Nate Wasmund (top two finishers advanced to the A Feature)

B Feature 2 - Jason Miller, Tommy Myer (top two finishers advanced to the A Feature)

B Feature 3 - John Vandenberg, Steve Holzkamper (top two finishers advanced to the A Feature)

B Feature 4 - Mark Noble, Bret Frieden (top two finishers advanced to the A Feature)

A Feature (35 laps) - Kelly Shryock ($4,000), Ron Schreiner, Mike Sorensen, Justin Boney, Corey Dripps, Mike Chasteen, Brian Mullen, Jason Miller, Mike Spaulding, Mark Noble

Cars automatically in for Saturday night's 40-lap, 30-car feature (spots 10-15) based on performance from first two nights feature racing: Kelly Shryock, Ron Schreiner, Jason Hughes, Mark Noble, Bruce Hanford and Justin Boney

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