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Drake, Noble top USMTS racing action at Winston

WINSTON, Mo. (April 15, 2003) - The third time was the charm for the USMTS at the Winston Speedway this past weekend as the beautiful weather was very welcomed by fans and drivers. Scott Drake of Webb City, MO picked up his second win of the season and was the first driver to win two races this season.

Mark Noble from Blooming Prairie, MN picked up his first USMTS win of the season on Sunday after leading all forty laps of the $2500 to win main event. The win for Noble did not come easy as Washington, KS driver Greg Metz give Noble everything he had on Sunday.

Forty-eight cars checked in for the racing action on Saturday night. Winning the Haulmark Heat Races was Scott Drake, Bruce Hanford, Justin Boney, Terry Beckham, and Tommy Myer. The Harris Auto Racing B-Mains were won by Johnny Bone Jr. and Chad Lyle. The Midwest Motorsports A-Main would be next to the speedway Justin Boney would grab the AFCO pole award with Tommy Myer to the outside. These two drivers with Scott Drake would race side by side for the first six laps before Drake would take the top spot. This race would run thirty laps caution free. This would be the second time in a row that the USMTS main event would go caution free at the speedway.

Drake would be the first driver to win two feature events in 2003. Justin Boney would take the runner-up spot with Mark Noble taking home the third spot. Steve Kosiski would advance from the sixth row to finish fourth and Tommy Myer would round out the top five. A very good crowd witnessed some great racing on Saturday night.

Sunday races would be no different from the Saturday races. The day started at 4pm with the modifieds taking to the track for hot laps. Another great day for racing with a little more wind then needed blowing into the pit area. For an afternoon race the track was very racy.

Picking up wins in the Haulmark Heat races was Justin Boney, Greg Metz, Mark Noble, Jack Stotts, and Jason Hughes. Winning the Harris Auto Racing B-mains was Tommy Myer and Darin Walker. The Midwest Motorsports A-main would be another good race.

Mark Noble would jump into the lead from the start and would lead all forty laps enroute to the $2500 payday. This win would not be easy as a hard charging Greg Metz would make Noble earn this win. Metz would try all he could on the high side to get around Noble, but all to no avail. Metz would get a good run on the final lap and pull to the inside of Noble, but Noble did get a good run off of turn four and pick up his first USMTS win of the season.

Tommy Myer who started in the seventh row would come home with a third place finish. Rounding out the top five was Justin Boney and Jason Hughes. Justin Boney would take over a twelve-point advantage over Tommy Myer and Scott Drake with Jason Hughes fourteen points behind the leader. Kelly Shryock rounds out the top five in the National Standings. South region action will continue this week with two stops in Illinois before the start of the north region at Spoon River Speedway in Canton, IL on Friday and Saturday.

The USMTS will make a stop at the Godfrey Speedway on Wednesday April 16th, then move to the Macon Speedway for the 1st George Handley Memorial race on Thursday April 17th a special appearance by Winston Cup driver Ken Schrader at the Macon Speedway. Each of these races will be south region races. The USMTS will resume with a stop in Iowa and Missouri the following weekend on Friday April 25th the series will stop at Lee County Speedway in Donnellson, IA, then move to the Scotland County Speedway at Memphis, MO on Saturday April 26th.


Saturday, April 12

Heat 1: 1. Scott Drake, Webb City, Mo.; 2. Jason Hughes, Colcord, Okla; 3. Greg Querry, Bethany, Mo.; 4. Pat Graham, Ames, Ia; 5. Terry Vantrump, Richmond, Mo.

Heat 2: 1. Bruce Hanford, Davenport, Ia.; 2. Mike Chasteen, Creve Coeur, Ill.; 3. Steve Kosiski, Papillion, Neb.; 4. Lee Hibner, Chillicothe, Mo.; 5. Josh Carroll, Alton, Ill

Heat 3: 1. Justin Boney, LeMars, Ia.; 2. Mark Noble, Blooming Prarie, Minn.; 3. Dean Mahlstedt, Garner, Ia.; 4. Kelly Shryock, Forest City, Ia.; 5. Darin Walker, Bowling Green, Mo.

Heat 4: 1. Terry Beckham II, Webb City, Mo.; 2. Andy Claiborne, Fort Scott, Kans.; 3. Joe Kosiski, Omaha, Neb.; 4. Mark Dotson, Cameron, Mo.; 5. Kevin Peters, Monmouth, Ill.

Heat 5: 1. Tommy Myer, Blooming Prarie, Minn.; 2. Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon, Ia.; 3. Dan Chapman, Clarence, Ia.; 4. Chad Lyle, Lone Jack, Mo.; 5. Jack Stotts, Trenton, Mo.

First B Feature: 1. Johnny Bone Jr., Pea Ridge, Ark.; 2. Joe Kosiski; 3. Nathan Mayes, Springdale, Ark.; 4. Dan Chapman; 5. Dean Wray, Trenton, Mo.; 6. Jack Stotts; 7. Pat Graham; 8. Lee Hibner; 9. Kevin Peters; 10. Tommy Cordray

Second B Feature: 1. Chad Lyle; 2. Kelly Shryock; 3. Jason Krohn, Slayton, Minn.; 4. Darin Walker; 5. Dean Mahlstedt; 6. Bret Frieden, Walford, Ia.; 7. Terry Vantrump; 8. Mark Dotson; 9. Corey Dripps. Cedar Falls, Ia.; 10. Mike Wedelstadt, Hortonville, Wisc.

A Feature (30 laps): 1. Scott Drake; 2. Justin Boney; 3. Mark Noble; 4. Steve Kosiski; 5. Tommy Myer; 6. Terry Beckham, II; 7. Mike Chasteen; 8. Kelly Shryock; 9. Jason Hughes; 10. Johnny Bone Jr.; 11. Dan Chapman; 12. Bruce Hanford; 13. Brad Pinkerton; 14. Dean Wray; 15. Chad Lyle; 16. Nathan Mayes; 17. Darin Walker; 18. Dean Mahlstedt; 19. Mike Wedelstadt; 20. Corey Dripps; 21. Jason Krohn; 22. Greg Querry; 23. Andy Claiborne; 24. Joe Kosiski

Lap leaders: Myer 1-6, Drake 7-30.

Sunday, April 13

Heat 1: 1. Justin Boney, LeMars, Ia.; 2. Johnny Bone Jr., Pea Ridge, Ark.; 3. Pat Graham, Ames, Ia.; 4. Julie McDermid, Oconto Falls, Wisc.; 5. Nathan Mayes, Springdale, Ark.

Heat 2: 1. Greg Metz, Washington, Kans.; 2. Scott Drake, Webb City, Mo.; 3. Mark Dotson, Cameron, Mo.; 4. Bret Frieden, Walford, Ia.; 5. Andy Claiborne, Fort Scott, Kans.

Heat 3: 1. Mark Noble, Blooming Prarie, Minn.; 2. Dean Wray, Trenton, Mo.; 3. John VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa, Ia.; 4. Darin Walker, Bowling Green, Mo.; 5. Kevin Peters, Monmouth, Minn.

Heat 4: 1. Jack Stotts, Trenton, Mo.; 2. Corey Dripps, Cedar Falls, Ia.; 3. Terry Beckham, II, Webb City, Mo.; 4. Chad Lyle, Lone Jack, Mo.; 5. Mike Chasteen, Creve Coeur, Ill.

Heat 5: 1. Jason Hughes, Colcord, Okla.; 2. Dan Daniels, Humboldt, Kans.; 3. Kelly Shryock, Forest City, Ia.; 4. Tommy Myer, Blooming Prarie, Minn.; 5. Lee Hibner, Chillicothe, Mo.

First B Feature: 1. Tommy Myer; 2. Chad Lyle; 3. Bruce Hanford, Davenport, Ia.; 4. Mike Chasteen; 5. Andy Claiborne; 6. John VanDenBerg; 7. Lee Hibner; 8. Brad Pinkerton, New Sharon, Ia.; 9. Lonnie Hibner, Chillicothe, Mo.; 10. Bret Frieden

Second B Feature: 1. Darin Walker; 2. Mike Wedelstadt, Hortonville, Minn.; 3. Jason Krohn, Slayton, Minn.; 4. Pat Graham; 5. Dan Chapman, Clarence, Ia.; 6. Ron Schreiner, Hudson, Wisc.; 7. Nathan Mayes; 8. Kevin Peters; 9. Brad Moriarty, Des Moines, Ia.; 10. Mike Bennett, Des Moines, Ia.

A Feature (40 laps): 1. Mark Noble; 2. Greg Metz; 3. Tommy Myer; 4. Justin Boney; 5. Jason Hughes; 6. Kelly Shryock; 7. Johnny Bone Jr.; 8. Dan Chapman; 9. Scott Drake; 10. Terry Beckham, II; 11. John VanDenBerg; 12. Ron Schreiner; 13. Corey Dripps; 14. Mike Chasteen; 15. Jack Stotts; 16. Mike Wedelstadt; 17. Darin Walker; 18. Jason Krohn; 19. Bruce Hanford; 20. Pat Graham; 21. Dean Wray; 22. Chad Lyle; 23. Dan Daniels; 24. Andy Claiborne

Lap leader: Noble 1-40.

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