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MVT Road Warriors

As of April 22, 2017

1 97 Cade Dillard 21
2 2s Stormy Scott 21
3 33z Zack VanderBeek 21
4 20rt Ricky Thornton Jr. 21
5 4r Dereck Ramirez 21
6 1st Johnny Scott 21
7 91 Joe Duvall 21

Latest Headlines

Thornton conquers “The Cage”

Twenty-six days of silence was broken Thursday night when the USMTS Casey’s Cup invaded the Atchison County Raceway and refired the engines for the 2nd Annual “Cage Match.”…


Lakeside Speedway USMTS Feature 4/21/17

USMTS Casey's Cup feature during the 6th Annual "Rumble on the River's Edge" at the Lakeside Speedway in Kansas City, Kan., on Friday, April 21, 2017.

Atchison County Raceway USMTS In-Car Video 4/20/17

King of America VII Main Event 3/25/17


USMTS “Bad Boys Bad Toys” Shirt

USMTS “Bad Boys Bad Toys” Shirt

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