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Timm takes down first USMTS win at Ogilvie

Timm takes down first USMTS win at Ogilvie

Jake Timm has been patient over the last four years while he chases his first USMTS victory. Patience met opportunity Wednesday night at the Ogilvie Raceway and the 20–year-old from Winona, Minn., got the best of one of the best ever to win his first ever.

Three-time and defending USMTS national champion Jason Hughes wrestled the lead away from polesitter Jacob Bleess at the drop of the green flag, and Timm followed into second one lap later.

With Hughes maintaining his advantage, the top three ran in that order until lap 15 when Zack VanderBeek and Ryan Gustin entered the picture and proceeded to give the fans a three-car battle with Bleess for ten laps before Gustin ran into mechanical trouble and exited the race.

Meanwhile, up front Hughes was fighting his way through lapped traffic while Timm continued to give chase. With eight laps to go, Hughes found himself in a struggle with a lapped car and that allowed Timm to erase the gap between himself and Hughes.

As Hughes completed lap 35 of 40, Timm saw an opening on the inside of Hughes and took advantage going into turn one. The pair raced side by side down the back-stretch and Timm crossed the stripe as the new leader on lap 36.

Timm never returned the favor to Hughes and held on to claim the win and $3,000 top prize.

“Our car has been really awesome all year and it was again tonight,” Timm said of his Sput’s-powered MB Customs machine. “Once I got to second I just wanted to not let Hughes get away. He would drive off and then we would catch up and then he would drive off again.

“A lapped car really gave him some trouble there late and we were able to get back up to him. I saw him slip up a little bit going into the turn and that allowed me to get to his inside. We just tried to keep it together from there. It feels really good to get a USMTS win.”

Making matters worse for Hughes, VanderBeek snuck by with three laps to go and secured the runner-up paycheck while Hughes wound up third at the finish line.

Ninth-starting Shane Sabraski climbed to fourth with Bleess scoring a top-five finish of his own. Jeremy Nelson, Stormy Scott, Austin Arneson, Dereck Ramirez and Dan Ebert completed the top ten.

With the victory, Timm became the third first-time USMTS feature winner in the last five events, joining R.C. Whitwell who won at Caney Valley Speedway last Tuesday and Wednesday’s winner at the 81 Speedway, Jon Mitchell.

Masters launches Thursday: The largest purse in the history of the USMTS happens in this week’s “Modified Masters” race at the Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond Wis. Known for hosting a number of national marquee events, this is the first time in track history they will pay out $50,000 to win a Modified event.

Set for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, June 15-17, officials from the Cedar Lake Speedway and United States Modified Touring Series announced the change to the track’s annual Masters late last year with an event that will produce the biggest winner’s check in the history of the USMTS.

It all begins Thursday with a $3,000-to-win USMTS Northern Region event. Friday is qualifying night for the Modified Masters with each competitor running two 12-lap heat races with starting positions and drivers mixed. Last chance races and alphabet soup features on Saturday will lead up to the 70-lap, $50,000-to-win finale.

Points will be combined for the two heat races with the top 12 drivers locked into Saturday’s championship race. The next 12 in points (13th-24th) will be locked into Saturday’s “B” Main, the next 12 into the “C” Main and the remainder will run in “Last Chance” races on Saturday.

Saturday’s Modified Masters main event payout: 1. $50,000, 2. $20,000, 3. $10,000, 4. $6000, 5. $5000, 6. $4000, 7. $3500, 8. $3250, 9. $3000, 10. $2800, 11. $2650, 12. $2500, 13. $2400, 14. $2300, 15. $2200, 16. $2100, 17. $2075, 18. $2050, 19. $2040, 20. $2030, 21. $2025, 22. $2020, 23. $2015, 24. $2010, 25. $2005, 26. $2000.

Drivers not advancing out of the “B” Main are guaranteed a minimum of $500 to start. Drivers not advancing out of the “C” Main will get no less than $350 with a minimum of $200 for all non-qualifiers in the Last Chance Races.

TICKETS: Thursday – $25 Adults, $12 Students, $35 Pits; Friday – $30 Adults, $12 Students, $35 Pits; Saturday – $35 Adults, $15 Students, $45 Pits. All Weekend grandstands open at 5:00, hot laps at 6:30 with racing at 7:00. Advanced tickets and camping reservations are available by calling (612) 363-0479.

Join us after the races on Thursday and Friday in the arena for the post-race party, Apple River tubing, golf, shopping and lawnmower racing. Breakfast will be served Friday and Saturday mornings from 8:30 to 11:00.

If you are unable to attend, RacinDirt will have the entire production live on This will be an explosive broadcast with a multi-camera production, a dedicated host, pre- and post-race interviews, FK Rod Ends Instant Replay and other video elements mixed in as time allows.

The Cedar Lake Speedway is a high-banked 3/8-mile clay oval located 1.0 mile east of SR 35 on SR 64, then 4.2 miles north on CR C to CR CC, then left 1.8 miles. For more information, call (612) 363-0479 or (715) 248-7119 or check out online.

To learn more about the United States Modified Touring Series, visit online or call 515-832-7944. You can also like us on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter at and Instagram at or subscribe to our YouTube channel at Keep up to speed with everything USMTS by joining our email list at

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United States Modified Touring Series
Casey’s USMTS National Tour powered by S&S Fishing & Rental – USMTS Northern Region presented by Summit Racing Equipment
2nd Annual Chubbs Performance Midweek Madness presented by Victory Door Systems
Ogilvie Raceway, Ogilvie, Minn.
Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Showing finishing position, starting position in parentheses, car number, driver, hometown, chassis/engine builder, laps completed and money won.

1. (2) 49JR Jake Timm, Winona, Minn.
2. (6) 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, Okla.
3. (7) 33Z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, Iowa.
4. (4) 18Z Zane DeVilbiss (R), Farmington, N.M.
5. (5) 11 Jody Bellefeuille, Duluth, Minn.
6. (1) 19SB Lance Mari (R), Imperial, Calif.
7. (3) 53 Chris Mensen, Carlos, Minn.
DNS – 20RT Ricky Thornton Jr., Chandler, Ariz.

1. (1) 21 Jacob Bleess (R), Chatfield, Minn.
2. (2) 7A Shane Sabraski, Rice, Minn.
3. (7) 2S Stormy Scott, Las Cruces, N.M.
4. (6) 7 Tyler Townsend, Longview, Texas.
5. (5) 32 Shaun Peterson (R), Alexandria, Minn.
6. (3) 26 Shawn Fletcher (R), Brainerd, Minn.
7. (4) 20 Rodney Sanders, Happy, Texas.

1. (3) 06 Jeremy Nelson, Zimmerman, Minn.
2. (2) 14W Clayton Wagamon, Ramsey, Minn.
3. (1) 07 Cory Crapser, Chippewa Falls, Wis.
4. (6) 2C Dave Cain, Corcoran, Minn.
5. (4) 24JR Jeff Lien Jr., Mora, Minn.
6. (7) 1M Curt Myers, Cameron, Wis.
7. (5) 55W Jeffrey Wood, Chisholm, Minn.

1. (2) 1JR Tim Johnson (R), Brainerd, Minn.
2. (4) 19R Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, Iowa.
3. (3) 4R Dereck Ramirez, Woodward, Okla.
4. (1) 60 Dan Ebert, Lake Shore, Minn.
5. (6) 1S Travis Saurer (R), Elizabeth, Minn.
6. (7) 10 Austin Arneson, Fargo, N.D.
7. (5) 2G Kenny Gaddis, Diana, Texas.

REAL RACING WHEELS “B” MAIN #1 (10 laps, top 5 advance):
1. (3) 11 Jody Bellefeuille, Duluth, Minn.
2. (2) 18Z Zane DeVilbiss (R), Farmington, N.M.
3. (9) 20RT Ricky Thornton Jr., Chandler, Ariz.
4. (1) 7 Tyler Townsend, Longview, Texas.
5. (4) 32 Shaun Peterson (R), Alexandria, Minn.
6. (6) 19SB Lance Mari (R), Imperial, Calif.
7. (7) 53 Chris Mensen, Carlos, Minn., GRT/Saurer, $75.
8. (8) 55W Jeffrey Wood, Chisholm, Minn., Shaw/Sputs, $75.
9. (5) 1M Curt Myers, Cameron, Wis.

REAL RACING WHEELS “B” MAIN #2 (10 laps, top 5 advance):
1. (2) 60 Dan Ebert, Lake Shore, Minn.
2. (5) 10 Austin Arneson, Fargo, N.D.
3. (1) 2C Dave Cain, Corcoran, Minn.
4. (3) 1S Travis Saurer (R), Elizabeth, Minn.
5. (4) 24JR Jeff Lien Jr., Mora, Minn.
6. (6) 26 Shawn Fletcher (R), Brainerd, Minn., SSR/Wagamon, $90.
7. (7) 2G Kenny Gaddis, Diana, Texas., MBCustom/PTS, $90.
DNS – 20 Rodney Sanders, Happy, Texas., MBCustom/Hatfield, $90.

1. (4) 49JR Jake Timm, Winona, Minn., MBCustom/Sputs, 40, $3000.
2. (5) 33Z Zack VanderBeek, New Sharon, Iowa, VanderBuilt/Sputs, 40, $1700.
3. (2) 12 Jason Hughes, Watts, Okla., Hughes/Mullins, 40, $1200.
4. (9) 7A Shane Sabraski, Rice, Minn., SSR/Scotts, 40, $900.
5. (1) 21 Jacob Bleess (R), Chatfield, Minn., MBCustom/Sputs, 40, $900.
6. (3) 06 Jeremy Nelson, Zimmerman, Minn., MBCustom/Sputs, 40, $700.
7. (7) 2S Stormy Scott, Las Cruces, N.M., GRT/Mullins, 40, $700.
8. (16) 10 Austin Arneson, Fargo, N.D., GRT/ChevPerf, 40, $650.
9. (12) 4R Dereck Ramirez, Woodward, Okla., LG2/Cornett, 40, $600.
10. (14) 60 Dan Ebert, Lake Shore, Minn., Millennium/Ebert, 40, $550.
11. (11) 07 Cory Crapser, Chippewa Falls, Wis., MBCustom/Troys, 40, $500.
12. (22) 24JR Jeff Lien Jr., Mora, Minn., Matrix/Sputs, 39, $375.
13. (15) 18Z Zane DeVilbiss (R), Farmington, N.M., DeVilbiss/DeVilbiss, 39, $425.
14. (19) 7 Tyler Townsend, Longview, Texas, MBCustom/PTS, 39, $325.
15. (21) 32 Shaun Peterson (R), Alexandria, Minn., MasterSbilt/Sputs, 39, $375.
16. (17) 20RT Ricky Thornton Jr., Chandler, Ariz., Shaw/Mullins, 36, $350.
17. (6) 1JR Tim Johnson (R), Brainerd, Minn., LG2/Scotts, 33, $325.
18. (8) 19R Ryan Gustin, Marshalltown, Iowa, Hughes/Mullins, 25, $400.
19. (20) 1S Travis Saurer (R), Elizabeth, Minn., MBCustom/Dakota, 20, $400.
20. (18) 2C Dave Cain, Corcoran, Minn., MBCustom/KSE, 17, $300.
21. (10) 14W Clayton Wagamon, Ramsey, Minn., MasterSbilt/Wagamon, 6, $300.
22. (23) 1M Curt Myers, Cameron, Wis., LG2/Sputs, 6, $300.
23. (24) 19SB Lance Mari (R), Imperial, Calif., MRT/Yeoman, 6, $300.
24. (13) 11 Jody Bellefeuille, Duluth, Minn., MBCustom/Hill, 1, $250.

(R) = Grant Junghans Rookie of the Year contender

Lap Leaders: Hughes 1-35, Timm 36-40.
Total Laps Led: Hughes 35, Timm 5.
Margin of Victory: seconds.
Time of Race: minutes, seconds ( cautions).
Provisional Starters: Mari, Myers.
KSE Racing Products Hard Charger: Lien (started 22nd, finished 12th).
Entries: 29.
Next Race: Thursday-Saturday, June 15-17, Cedar Lake Speedway, New Richmond, Wis. Northern Region Points: VanderBeek 471, Hughes 469, Timm 406, Cade Dillard 375, Bleess 361, Scott 354, Saurer 347, Gustin 346, R.C. Whitwell 319, Ramirez 316.
Grant Junghans Rookie of the Year Points: R.C. Whitwell 1894, Saurer 1737, Tyler Wolff 1685, Adam Kates 1328, Billy Vogel 982.
Engine Builder of the Year Points: Mullins 298, ASI 246, Sputs 243, Durham 197, Hatfield 177.
Manufacturers Championship Points: MBCustoms 301, Hughes 293, GRT 257, VanderBuilt 247, LG2 201.

Contingency Awards:
Allstar Performance – Arneson.
American Racer – Ebert.
Beyea Custom Headers – VanderBeek.
BigDeal Car Care – Timm.
BSB Manufacturing – Wagamon.
Casey’s General Stores – Arneson.
Chix Gear Racewear – Ramirez.
Day Motor Sports – Mari, Bellefeuille.
Deatherage Opticians – Lien.
Dickson Racing Shocks – Peterson.
E3 Spark Plugs – Hughes.
Edelbrock – Nelson.
Fast Shafts – Bleess. – Townsend, Saurer.
Fuel Safe Racing Cells – Nelson.
GRT Race Cars – Mensen.
Hooker Custom Harness – DeVilbiss.
Integra Shocks & Springs – Gustin.
Jerovetz Motorsports Racing Parts – Johnson.
Keyser Manufacturing – Ebert.
KSE Racing Products – Lien.
Out-Pace Racing Products – Thornton.
QA1 – Sabraski.
Real Racing Wheels – all non-qualifiers.
Simpson Performance Products – Timm.
Sweet Manufacturing – Myers.
Swift Springs – Timm.
Sybesma Graphics – Bleess.
Tire Demon – Crapser.
Tyler Rinken Photography – Cain.
VP Racing Fuels – Timm.
Wehrs Machine & Racing Products – Timm.
Wilwood Engineering – Scott.

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USMTS OFFICIAL SPONSORS: American Racer Racing Tires, Argo Manufacturing, Casey’s General Stores, Chix Gear Racewear, CP-Carrillo, Deatherage Opticians, Fast Shafts, Intercomp, KSE Racing Products, Leaf Racewear & Safety Equipment, Malvern Bank, MSD, Pace Performance,,,, S&S Fishing & Rental, SToK Cold-Brew Coffee, Summit Racing Equipment, The Joie of Seating, VP Racing Fuels.

USMTS PARTICIPATING SPONSORS: Arizona Sport Shirts, ASi Racewear, Brodix Cylinder Heads, Duvall Electric,, Mesilla Valley Transportation, Oreo, Production Jars, Rancho Milagro Racing,,

USMTS CONTINGENCY SPONSORS: 905 Ink, AFCO Racing Products, Allstar Performance, Beyea Custom Headers, BigDeal Car Care, BSB Manufacturing, Day Motor Sports, Dickson Racing Shocks, E3 Spark Plugs, Edelbrock, FK Rod Ends, Forty9 Designs, Fuel Safe, Genesis Racing Shocks, GRT Race Cars, Holley Performance Products, Hooker Custom Harness, Integra Shocks & Springs, Jerovetz Motorsports Racing Parts, Keyser Manufacturing, Out-Pace Racing Products, QA1 Precision Products, Real Racing Wheels, Simpson Performance Products, Sweet Manufacturing, Swift Springs, Sybesma Graphics, Tire Demon, Wehrs Machine & Race Products, Wilwood Disc Brakes.

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