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Driver Memo: Don’t get into a sticky situation in 2018

Driver Memo: Don’t get into a sticky situation in 2018

This year we will be doubling-down on our efforts to be sure that every driver is properly displaying the mandatory USMTS decals and those that are required to be eligible for some contingency awards. We strive to keep the sponsors happy as well as the drivers by offering some stellar points funds and awards. Every other sanctioning body requires certain stickers in certain parts of the race car, so there is no reason for any driver to complain or fail to put them on.

If we see photos of race cars without the proper decals at USMTS events, points funds will be reduced and points for those events will be forfeited. All decals must be in the upright position and positioned in the required locations on both sides of the race car using official decals supplied by the USMTS or the same size that the company sends USMTS.

If decals are embedded into the design of the race car wrap, they must be the same colors and dimensions of the official decals supplied by the sponsors. Altering the size and/or colors (i.e. washed out or color blending) will be considered the same as no decal at all.

The official USMTS logo must be positioned on the A-pillars or, alternatively, nearest the top of the leading edge of the door panel. Other mandatory decals for every USMTS race include American Racer, Casey’s General Stores, CP-Carrillo, Fast Shafts, Malvern Bank, Maxima Racng Oils, Mesilla Valley Transportation, MSD Performance, PBM Performance Products, S&S Fishing & Rental and Summit Racing Equipment.

Some contingency sponsors may require the race car display the sponsor’s approved decals in order to be eligible for cash and/or contingency awards offered by those sponsors.

Check the 2018 USMTS Sponsors, Awards & Eligibility Requirements which can be downloaded from the USMTS website at, inside your decal packet you receive when purchasing a USMTS license or from a USMTS official at any USMTS event.

As drivers come across the scale after a USMTS event, decal compliance will be checked. They will also be checked randomly in the pit area and/or while the race car is on the race track. The penalty for not properly displaying mandatory decals will be forfeiture of points and winnings for that event. It is the driver’s responsibility to see that they have the proper decals and that they are properly displayed.

Points funds and contingency awards are made possible by our generous sponsors, so please support the companies that support your effort, and thank them when the opportunity presents itself. Decals will come in your packet when you purchase your USMTS license, and the USMTS trailer will have decals too.

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