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Hughes, Shryock, Noble big winners at 4th Annual Featherlite/USMTS Fall Jamboree

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. (Sept. 21, 2002) - The 4th Annual Featherlite/USMTS Fall Jamboree was a big success at the Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, MN this past weekend. The new format for the race was a huge success as drivers got the chance to race for more money each night. Wednesday night the racing got underway with a practice session for all classes and fifty-eight modifieds checked in for the practice session. Thursday night a complete show was on tap with $2000 going to the winner. Jason Hughes Colcord, OK took the top spot after starting the race from the fifth row outside.

Mark Noble started the race from the top spot and led the first four laps before Steve Wetzstein West Concord took the spot from Noble on lap five. Wetzstein started the race ninth and worked his way through the field in a hurry. By lap ten Hughes had worked his way to second right behind Wetzstein.

The man on the move was Ron Schreiner Hudson, WI. Schreiner started the race on the ninth row outside and had worked up to third by lap fourteen.

On lap twenty-two Schreiner took second from Hughes and had his sights set on Wetzstein.

With five to go Schreiner would try and get by Wetzstein on the inside of three and four and the two cars would touch spinning Schreiner. Schreiner would go to the tail as he was sitting on the track.

On the restart Hughes would take two laps before getting by on lap 28. Hughes would cruise on to the victory with Wetzstein taking second and Noble third. Another driver that was moving up was USMTS Nation point leader Kelly Shryock. On the white Shryock had worked up to third, but troubles on the last lap would move him back to seventh. Rounding out the top five was Darin Duffy, and Bruce Hanford. Ninety-eight modifieds checked in for the racing action on Thursday night. The race track was very racy with several drivers winning heat races and still having to run B-mains after not having enough passing points. Winning heat races on Thursday was Tim Donlinger, Karl Fenske, Steve Kosiski, Todd Ihde, Todd Klees, Darin Duffy, Justin Boney, and Tommy Myer.

Winning B-mains were Tommy Myer, Jason Miller, Kelly Shryock and Ron Schreiner. John VanDenBerg won the non-qualifier on Thursday night.

On Friday morning showers took the spot before the golfing outing. Sixteen different golfers went out for a four person best shot some of the racers were Randy Zimmerman, Bret Frieden, Tommy Myer, and Ron Schreiner. After late night Karaoke took its toll on the golf outing everyone that did get up and golfed had a very good time. The weather did clear off later that afternoon and eighty-eight modifieds checked in for the racing action. Kelly Shryock started the race from the front row outside and led all thirty-five laps and picked up the $4000 winners paycheck. Shryock was unchallenged for most of the race. Shryock did have Ron Schreiner on his rear bumper on several occasions, but Shryock would not mess up and give Schreiner a chance to get by.

Tonights racing action was still good racing, but drivers had to work as the racetrack was different from the first two nights. There was still plenty of passing as Mark Noble did get a flat early in the race worked his way from the tail to tenth. Only one caution for the thirty-five lap race. Mike Sorensen started the race from the fifth row wound up third.

Rounding out the top five was Justin Boney and Corey Dripps. Winning heat races on Friday was John VanDenBerg, Kelly Shryock, Corey Dripps, Mike Chasteen, Bruce Hanford, Ron Schreiner, Justin Boney and Brad Waits.

B-mains were won by Todd Klees, Jason Miller, John VanDenBerg, and Mark Noble. The non-qualifier was won by Steve Kosiski.


The weather was the same for much of the weekend with morning rains fall at the speedway much of the day.

The weather was scheduled to have some thunderstorms in the afternoon that never did show up.

The track was graded and watered late in the afternoon after the weather finally didn’t change.

Finally around five thirty it did warm up. Seventy-nine cars checked in for the racing action on Saturday. Six cars were already locked into the three-wide thirty car main event. These six drivers were guaranteed spots ten through fifteen making them have to work for the win. These six drivers were Kelly Shryock, Ron Schreiner, Jason Hughes, Mark Noble, Bruce Hanford, and Justin Boney. Eight heat races were on tap again tonight with Randy Geisler, Corey Dripps, Skeet Amason, John VanDenBerg, Jason Miller, Nate Wasmund, Tommy Myer, Johnny Bone all winning heat races. Next on the track for the mods was the five B-mains that would take the top two to the main event. Winning B-mains were Skeet Amason, Johnny Bone, Todd Klees, Chris Spieker, and Scott Megonigle.

The stage was set for the 4th Annual Featherlite USMTS Fall Jamboree main event.

First up would be the non-qualifier for twenty-five cars. It was announced in the drivers meeting that USMTS was adding $1000 to the top spot from Steve Yaggy Trucking and $1000 for the rest of the spots.

Featherlite said we will add this money to the non-qualifiers race instead. Jay Ihrke picked up the top spot in this race and pocketed the $500 plus $200 bonus from Featherlite. Ihrke led all twenty laps. Rounding out the top five was Dean Mahlstadt, Gary March, Steve Wetzstein, and Mike Mashl. This left the last race of the evening. As drivers were introduced the top nine drivers from Saturday’s heat races got to redraw and Darin Walker would pick the top spot with John Vandenberg and Dan Bohr in the front row. The three wide race went off with a bang and the drivers made the first seven laps before the first yellow flag came out. Darin Walker jumped out into the early lead and led the first thirty-two laps before Mark Noble took the top spot. The man that looked as if he would win the event was Jason Miller Duluth, MN who had worked his way around, Noble, Schreiner and all cars and was running third on lap thirty. Noble would get back by and take the Olympic Fire Protection Dirt Works #74 back to the front and take the top spot and cruise on to the $7000 paycheck.

Rounding out the top five was Ron Schreiner, Jason Miller, Mike Chasteen, and Bob Timm.

The racing surface was better than any of the Jamborees so far and it was announced that the 5th Annual Fall Jamboree would be held at the Deer Creek Speedway the same weekend next year. Kelly Shryock Forest City, IA did finish ahead of Tommy Myer and picked up the USMTS North Region points title again this season. USMTS racing will continue in the south region this weekend with a visit to the Humboldt Speedway in Humboldt, KS on Friday and a visit to the Thunder Valley Speedway in Fayetteville, AR on Saturday each race will pay $2000 to win.

Don’t forget two more big specials to finish off the season a three-day show at the Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa, IA on October 10-12. This race will feature Hobby Stocks racing for $300, $500, and $800 to win the three nights.

Stock Cars will also run and will pay $500, $800, and $1200 to the winner each night.

The USMTS modifieds will also run and will pay $2000, $3000, and $4000. There will be no practice on Wednesday night.

The final race of the season will be a return visit to the Winston Speedway in Winston, MO. Also running will be the Hobby Stocks, Street Stocks, B-Mods each night and the Chargers on Saturday only. Money will be paid out each night. The USMTS modified will run for $2000, $3000, and $5000 to win.

For more information on any of these races call the USMTS office at 515-832-7944.

USMTS would like to thank Deer Creek, Featherlite, Hangar Bar and Grill, Budweiser, Sleep Inn and Suites, Olympic Fire Protection, and all the race fans and drivers for a great weekend fun was had by all.



Heat 1- Tim Donlinger, Jason Krohn, Jimmy Davis, Mike Mashl, Don Kiger

Heat 2- Karl Fenske, Chris Spieker, Bruce Angst, Kelly Shryock, Todd Stinehart

Heat 3- Steve Kosiski, Steve Wetzstein, Bob Timm, Ron Schreiner, Joey Jensen

Heat 4- Todd Ihde, Randy Zimmerman, Nate Wasmund, Jason Miller, Steve Holzkamper

Heat 5- Todd Klees, Jason Hughes, Skeet Amason, Willy Kraft, Les Duellman

Heat 6- Darin Duffy, Nathan Kilwine, Brian Mullen, David Siercks, Doug Hillson

Heat 7- Justin Boney, Kevin Pittman, Brad Rain, Johnny Bone, Dean Mahlstadt

Heat 8- Tommy Myer, Mark Noble, Hank Berry, Mel Saffran, Robert Pruitt

B-main 1- Tommy Myer, Les Duellman, Brian Mullen, Kevin Pittman, Jimmy Davis

B-main 2- Jason Miller, Randy Zimmerman, David Siercks, Bruce Angst, Brad Rain

B-main 3- Kelly Shryock, Bob Timm, Nate Wasmund, John VanDenBerg, Corey Dripps

B-main 4- Ron Schreiner, Skeet Amason, Mike Chasteen, Doug Hillson, Hank Berry

Non-Qualifier- John VanDenBerg, Brina Mullen, Nate Wasmund, Scott Megonigle, Kevin Pittman, Corey Dripps, Hank Berry, Dan Bohr, Doug Hillson, Steve Miller, Jimmy Davis, Dean Mahlstadt, Bruce Angst, Marty Thompson, Milo Veloz, Don Kiger, Mike Mashl, Allen Kent, Brad Rain, David Siercks, Mike Rumsey, Steve Holzkamper

A-main- Jaosn Hughes, Steve Wetzstein, Mark Noble, Darin Duffy, Bruce Hanford, Steve Kosiski, Kelly Shryock, Tommy Myer, Todd Klees, Ron Schreiner, Bob Timm, Randy Zimmerman, Les Duellman, Jason Miller, Justin Boney, Todd Ihde, Chris Spieker, Nathan Kilwine, Karl Fenskew, Jason Krohn, Mike Chasteen, Tim Donlinger, Skeet Amason


Heat 1- Les Duellman, Bobby Sorensen, Jason Miller, Mike Mashl, Jay Ihrke

Heat 2- Kelly Shryock, Brian Mullen, Bret Frieden, Todd Klees, Allen Kent

Heat 3- Corey Dripps, Milo Veloz, Tim Donlinger, Donnie Zweiffel, Don Kiger

Heat 4- Mike Chasteen, Doug Hillson, Steve Holzkamper, Bob Timm, Bryan Clendenen

Heat 5- Bruce Hanford, Todd Ihde, Willy Kraft, Jared Siefert, Tommy Myer

Heat 6- Ron Schreiner, Mark Noble, Mike Spaulding, Dean Mahlstadt, Jeff Maasch

Heat 7- Justin Boney, Denny Barwald, Kevin Pittman, Skeet Amason, Joey Jensen

Heat 8- Brad Waits, Mike Sorensen, Dennis Dugan, Gary March, John VanDenBerg

B-main 1- Todd Klees, Nate Wasmund, Steve Kosiski, Denny Barwald, Dennis Dugan

B-main 2- Jason Miller, Tommy Myer, Skeet Amason, Brayn Clendenen, Bob Timm

B-main 3- John VanDenBerg, Steve Holzkamper, Jay Ihrke, Gary March, Robert Pruitt

B-main 4- Mark Noble, Bret Frieden, Dean Mahlstadt, Johnny Bone, Joey Jensen

Non Qualifier- Steve Kosiski, Jay Ihrke, Skeet Amason, Dean Mahlstadt, Bob Timm, Denny Barwald, Joey Jensen, Bryan Clendenen, Steve Miller, Robert Pruitt, Allen Kent, Gary March, Brian Bronner, Luke Cochran, Jared Siefert, Hank Berry, Eric Nanleten, Dan Bohr, Brad Rain, Kevin Pittman, Steve Wetzstein, David Siercks, Dennis Dugan

A-main- Kelly Shryock, Ron Schreiner, Mike Sorensen, Justin Boney, Corey Dripps, Mike Chasteen, Brian Mullen, Jason Miller, Mike Spaulding, Mark Noble, Bruce Hanford, Nate Wasmund, Tommy Myer, Jason Hughes, Brad Waits, Steve Holzkamper, Johnny Bone, John VanDenBerg, Les Duellman, Bret Frieden, Bobby Sorensen, Wily Kraft, Tim Donlinger, Todd Klees


Heat 1- Randy Geisler, Bob Timm, Mike Mehling, Doug Hillson, Donnie Zweiffel

Heat 2- Corey Dripps, Chris Spieker, Jason Markewitz, David Siercks, Jon Klysnma

Heat 3- Skeet Amason, Mike Chasteen, Mike Spaulding, Jay Ihrke, Joey Jensen

Heat 4- John VanDenBerg, Todd Klees, Darin Duffy, Steve Holzkamper, Trent Follmer

Heat 5- Jason Miller, Hank Berry, Mick Glenn, Brad Waits, Kevin Peters

Heat 6- Nate Wasmund, Brian Mullen, Steve Wetzstein, Willy Kraft, Kevin Pittman

Heat 7- Tommy Myer, Tim Donlinger, Brad Rain, Gary March, Brain Bronner

Heat 8- Johnny Bone, Darin Walker, Jeff Spacek, Scott Megonigle, Jason Krohn

B-Main 1- Skeet Amason, Mick Glenn, Gary March, Steve Wetzstein, Mike Mashl

B-main 2- Johnny Bone, Tim Donlinger, Jay Ihrke, Trent Follmer, Les Duellman

B-main 3- Todd Klees, Steve Holzkamper, Brad Rain, Jason Krohn, Marty Thompson

B-main 4- Chris Spieker, Brad Waits, Dean Mahlstadt, Doug Hillson, Denny Barwald

B-main 5- Scott Megonigle, Mike Chasteen, Bret Frieden, Jeff Rollinger, Craig Scott

Non-Qualifier- Jay Ihrke, Dean Mahlstadt, Gary March, Steve Wetzstein, Mike Mashl, Bret Frieden, Mike Sorensen, Les Duellman, Doug Hillson, Craig Scott, Randy Zimmerman, David Siercks, Luke Cochran, Tim Donlinger, Joey Jensen, Kevin Pittman, Jeff Rollinger, Donnie Zweiffel, Jeff Spacek, Denny Barwald, Robert Pruitt, Mike Rumsey, Brian Bronner, Trent Follmer, Marty Thompson, Brad Rain

A-main- Mark Noble, Ron Schreiner, Jason Miller, Mike Chasteen, Bob Timm, Darin Walker, Jason Hughes, Kelly Shryock, Steve Holzkamper, Tommy Myer, Skeet Amason, Scott Megonigle, Randy Geisler, Darin Duffy, Todd Klees, Bruce Hanford, Jason Krohn, Johnny Bone, Chris Spieker, Brad Waits, Kevin Peters, Nate Wasmund, Mick Glenn, Hank Berry, Justin Boney, John VanDenBerg, Tim Donlinger, Corey Dripps, Mike Spaulding, Dan Bohr

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