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United States Modified Touring Series to schedule Southern Series

WEBSTER CITY, Iowa (Nov. 15, 2002) - The United States Modified Touring Series is proud to announce to the fans and drivers that we will be expanding the series to the south for the 2003 race season. This series will be a completely separate series from the already formed USMTS north and south regions that races in ten different states.

This series will consist of races in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Oklahoma and will have a separate point fund.

This will give drivers and fans the opportunity to see some of America’s top modifieds do battle at each and every track that the USMTS visits in 2003.

What is unique about the USMTS is that every race pays at least $2000 and $200 to start. All races are run on a passing points system giving each and every driver the same chance to qualify for the main event. Passing points are awarded for each position.

The driver that wins the heat race will be guaranteed 59 points and 1.5 points per position form original starting spot. Each position goes down four points. The top twelve drivers will be locked into the A-main. The rest of the field will come from the B-mains and USMTS and track provisionals to fill a twenty-four-car field.

The USMTS is currently looking for tracks for the 2003 season. Dates have been set up and will not interfere with the already north and south USMTS.

This way if any driver would like to travel he can race all USMTS races in 2003.

We are working on sponsorships to have a $4000 to win point fund for the USMTS Southern Series.

We will also have a passing points, hard charger, and a rookie of the year award. All drivers that are interested in racing for points, contingencies, and provisionals will need to have a USMTS South license.

Numbers will also be on a first come first serve basis. License applications are being sent out at this time and can be sent back with the $100.

We have had several tracks that have contacted us about a date and we have sent them all the information. This series is going to happen and more information will be sent out as soon as we get it. There may be other dates that will be added as long as they do not interfere with the USMTS north and south regions.

For more information check us out at or call us at 515-832-7944.

Hope to hear from everyone and looking forward to the USMTS South. Also if you know of any sponsors, drivers interested in the USMTS let us know and we will send them a package.

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