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Hughes triumphs in non-stop USMTS 50-lapper at Godfrey

Jason Hughes, who started 10th, took the top spot on lap 22 and never looked back en route to winning Friday's USMTS feature at Godfrey Speedway. (Jimmy Dearing Photo)
GODFREY, Ill -- The United States Modified Touring Series raced at the Godfrey Speedway in Godfrey, IL Thursday evening and Friday evening. This race was rescheduled from two weeks ago when rain fell at the speedway before the racing action started. Track promoters decided to make it right for the travelers and made the one-day show into a two-day show. Threatening weather all week left some of the travelers at home as forecasted heavy rain was said to fall in the Illinois area. Those drivers that did not come missed some very exciting racing on a very smooth racetrack.

On Friday night the racetrack was very different from the first night. This night would see more cars and more races on the track making it very exciting for the fans. Some three wide racing was going on in all classes, which saw Late Models running with the USMTS mods.

This night would see someone not in the redraw take the top spot. The Haulmark heat races would see Gary Cook, Bruce Hanford, Tommy Myer, and Kelly Shryock all take the top spots. In the Harris Auto Racing B-mains Steve Myers and Josh Carroll would each win.

The Midwest Motorsports A-main would start with Mike Chasteen starting from the AFCO pole and Gary Cook to the outside. Cook would jump into the early lead before Bruce Hanford would move to the point on lap three. Hanford would lead until lap twenty-one, when Jason Hughes who started tenth would take the spot. This race would go fifty laps non-stop on this Ľ mile speedway.

The front runners would be in lap traffic by lap 22 making for some great racing. Justin Boney who started fifth would challenge Hughes on the inside with lap traffic to the outside. Hughes would come down and Boney would catch a tire on the inside breaking the front end of his Harris Modified. Tommy Myer would move by Boney on lap 46 and would settle for another top five with Boney finishing third.

Rounding out the top five would be Kelly Shryock and Gary Cook.

After this race Justin Boney still has the USMTS south region and nation point lead over Tommy Myer heading into Muskogee, OK this weekend. USMTS racing action will continue with a three-day show May 8-10 at the new Outlaw Motor Speedway this Thursday thru Saturday. Thursday will pay $1,000, Friday $2,000 and Saturday $3,000 to the winner. The race this weekend will see USMTS national points as well as the new southern series points awarded. A lot of cars are expected this weekend to the new speedway, which has already had some great modified action.

USMTS would like to thank Wade Glover and Vern Baker at the Godfrey Speedway for a very nice track on Friday night. It isn’t very often a modified race will go caution-free, especially on a Ľ mile speedway.


Heat 1:

1. Gary Cook - Deer Creek, IL

2. Mike Chasteen - Creve Coeur, IL

3. Justin Boney - LeMars, IA

4. Gary Archambault - Wentzville, MO

5. Eric Faust - Aviston, IL

6. Joe Hauck - Rolla, MO

7. Mike Null - Wentzville, MO

8. Matt Taylor - Springfield, IL

Heat 2:

1. Bruce Hanford - Davenport, IA

2. Jason Connoyer - Moro, IL

3. Steve Myers - Cottage Hills, IL

4. Daryl Herbert - Waldron, IN

5. Michael Blankenship - Pawnee, IL

6. Jesse Snyder - Robinson, IL

7. Joe Lawrence - Godfrey, IL

Heat 3:

1. Tommy Myer - Blooming Prairie, MN

2. Dean Mahlstedt - Garner, IA

3. Ed Cleeton - Williamsville, IL

4. Jim Shereck - St. Charles, MO

5. Rick Conoyer - St. Peters, MO

6. Jim Werner - Mt. Olive, IL

7. Rick Standridge - Swansea, IL

Heat 4:

1. Kelly Shryock - Forest City, IA

2. Jason Hughes - Colcord, OK

3. Scott Weber - Festus, MO

4. Brian Dively - Springfield, IL

5. Wes O'Dell - Springfield, IL

6. Josh Carroll - Alton, IL

7. Wendell Zulauf - Springfield, IL

Semi #1:

1. Steve Myers

2. Rick Conoyer

3. Matt Taylor

4. Rick Standridge

5. Jim Shereck

6. Jesse Snyder

7. Mike Null

8. Joe Hauck

9. Eric Faust

Semi #2:

1. Josh Carroll

2. Daryl Herbert

3. Brian Dively

4. Wes O'Dell

5. Jim Werner

6. Wendell Zulauf

7. Michael Blankenship

8. Joe Lawrence

Feature (50 laps):

1. Jason Hughes

2. Tommy Myer

3. Justin Boney

4. Kelly Shryock

5. Gary Cook

6. Jason Connoyer

7. Bruce Hanford

8. Ed Cleeton

9. Scott Weber

10. Daryl Herbert

11. Gary Archambault

12. Josh Carroll

13. Steve Myers

14. Jim Shereck

15. Rick Standridge

16. Brian Dively

17. Rick Conoyer

18. Wes O'Dell

19. Mike Chasteen

20. Matt Taylor

21. Jim Werner

22. Dean Mahlstedt

23. Jesse Snyder

24. Joe Hauck

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